Like or dislike?


The Franchise (1944-2020) R.I.P.
They're not really my type of music, but they're pretty good.

People who smuggle their own snacks into movie theatres?
Like. I think the movie theaters food and drink prices are ridiculous.

Buying stuff online.
If I answer a game thread correctly, just skip my turn and continue with the game.

The Franchise (1944-2020) R.I.P.
Usually like it, but every once in a while, there are buyers who make me hate it.

Watching movies by yourself.

The Franchise (1944-2020) R.I.P.
Used to like it but after a fairly bad accident some years ago went off it dramatically.
I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm glad that you're okay.

Repairing a flat tyre?

Having a pet.

Depends on which Chinese food. I'm a Chinese, so "Chinese food" is pretty abundant to me, and there are many kinds. I usually prefer western food though, so I guess I'll say "dislike."


The movie? The city? Which do you mean?
lol Sorry, I meant the movie. I thought it's pretty obvious, with this being a movie forum.

Like or Dislike: Ambiguous questions
Depends really. Sometimes it allows me to elaborate more on my part, giving me a lot more opportunity to offer my own input.

Waking up without coffee.

Dislike the movie. Can never understand the acclaim.

Im here only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Thats why Im here now.

Dislike. I prefer visual mediums over auditory ones. Maybe if it's a podcast in video format though (on a YouTube video).

Kevin Smith podcasts.

The Franchise (1944-2020) R.I.P.
Kevin Smith podcasts.

I like Kevin Smith, but I've never heard his podcasts, and I dislike his movies. So take from that what you will.


Like. They would easily be the coolest way for a smoker to spark up a cig imo, probably the only thing that would ever make me consider taking up that habit again.