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Ratatouille (Brad Bird/Jan Pinkava, 2007) -
With Ratatouille it's the same as with Monsters, Inc and The Incredibles: I see the quality of those movies but they don't quite get me.
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10Cloverflield Lane an 7/10
John Goodman was very good in it started slow and the twist in the film was nice.

Superman is so cheese.
That's Gouda

Greatest reviewer alive

Super excited to report this film is quietly brilliant. Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays a raging (doesn't know it yet) alcoholic who has an equally drunken husband that starts slipping up in her day to day responsibilities and decides she wants to get sober. Pretty cut & dry, right? Well, not quite. Considering her husband's not too enthused to settle down quite yet. This is filmmaking with a heavy story but with incredibly funny moments that break the fold, and then sucks you back in. Much of it has to do with Mary Elizabeth Winstead's character, who plays an incredible recovering/alcoholic, and Aaron Paul's serviceable enough. Pleasantly surprised.

John Wick (2014) - 8/10
This movie is pretty good but lacked a little bit of things that could made it perfect. Kenau Reeves was simply amazing and others did good too. Some scenes in the movie were just perfect the Club scene with the music was just on point and when he recives his dog and reads the final letter. I reccomend this movie you wont be dissapointed.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?

I decided to get in touch with my feminine side. I finally endured a movie. Other than Alec Guinness, which I considered a homework. But not for no reason. I was so fed up with superhero movies etc., that this bitter adult drama was a poisonous refreshment. It sounds crazy, but the poison was an antidote for the superhero poison. Now there's biterness in this...bordering with just pure insanity at times. But it's also hillarious. there are many things i don't understand, like the boy was just a fragment of imagination, right? But why? It's a traumatisation of the infertility? Anyway this is the vintage classic adult drama, I doubt that any kid would endure it. I also loved the music and the fact it's shot in black and white, it suits it. I'll go on a rollercoaster ride noew of watching dramas, thrillers etc. and old movies. It wasn't movies them selves i was fed up, it was the superhero overdrive.

And this thing about age. I'm not a snob about it. "haha! I'm 43 almost! you pathetic miserable kids! I'm SO superior!" Yes, there's such a thing as experience, but it brings a lot of pain, and what's to feel so superior about it? I only feel I'm closer (probably) to the goal, and have been longer in the dungeon than anyone who's younger.

The Big Short (2015)


I actually didn't think I was going to like this movie, but it was a story I was very interested in-because I lived it. Back in late 2005/early 2006, all my wife wanted was a house. We found a brand new home about a half hour outside of Boston, and while I knew we couldn't afford it, she badly wanted it. I'll give some figures and you can decide for yourself if we should have been given the opportunity. We bought the house in 2006 for $339,000, and we only had $10,000 to put as our down payment. At the time, my credit score was below 600, I was taking home an average of $800 per week, and my wife wasn't working. We only had her car, which was over $300 per month, but I had to now buy a new car myself for my commute to work. Because of a low down payment, we had to take two mortgages. One was for $279,000 at 5.85% for 30 years. The other was for $50,000 at a higher interest rate, and it was due in it's entirety after 5 years. With taxes and insurance, our monthly mortgage payments were around $2600 a month. Add to that the car payments, utilities, cable, phone, food, clothes, everything that goes with maintaining a home, etc., and how can we afford it, or at least how can we afford it and still enjoy life? I was very unhappy upon moving in being too broke to enjoy myself, so I foolishly went back to gambling to make some extra money. I lost around $400,000 that I didn't have and went through 5 years of hell. 10 years to the month after buying our house, our second mortgage is paid off, my gambling debt is paid off, and we have only 13 years left on 1 mortgage at 3.125%. I have made numerous home improvements that have significantly raised the value of our home, and I now have a credit score over 800. We are extremely fortunate, but what about millions of other people? Many people who got into these deals had children or suffered health problems; what happened to them, and what was the result of their desperation? Owning a home is supposed to be a long term goal and a dream come true. Instead, the banks were handing out loans like they were coupons to the local House of Pizza. What they did was criminally irresponsible and the result of greed, and it hurt a lot of people. I thought this movie did a very nice job showing us that.

Wow Cricket, thanks for sharing that story. Yeah, I think banks do this constantly, on a smaller scale with car loans too. People are constantly over extending themselves. Personal responsibility plays a part too but people are destroying their quality of life with these bad decisions. Banks hold a large part of that responsibility because they are disingenuous with people about what they are getting themselves into. Owning a home is looked at as a right in this country and it is most certainly a privilege. I'm 40 and have always rented, and probably always will. I will admit part of that is that I prefer a maintenance free lifestyle. I don't want to spend my weekends at Lowes and doing home repairs, not enjoyable to me. Anyway, I do think this film did a pretty goid job conveying the problem. I especially enjoyed Carrell's character. He was so incredulous whenever he would find out a new piece of information. I'm looking forward to seeing it again, I hope it grown on me a bit more.

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The Martian 9/10

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Hugo (Martin Scorsese, 2011) -

I love this movie! I love it for being a declaration of love to the early days of cinema and i love Martin Scorsese for making this movie. It's actually the movie that started my interest in movie history.

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Four Lions
++ Thanks Camo, very funny movie, and I agree the way they insult one another got pretty hilarious. I rather like the ending; didn't expect it to go there and it did - bravo.

Set the Stars on Fire
a Harvard teacher, figuring, "What's the worst that can happen?" bringing a famous Welsh poet of the time to NY to tour, finds out.
This isn't a comedy, it's a serious drama. Though, like any good drama there are some funny moments.
I rather like the approach of black and white cinema, really brings the setting of early 50's home. Everyone does a splendid job and, much like a Fifties movies, you feel there is so much more going on beneath the surface. It's character driven with rich, intelligent dialogue.

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Gummo - 6/10

Thanks Redwell - the picture always got me interested that movie was. It's definitely different, there are some weird parts, but there are parts where it doesn't seem like acting, and could have been. Good pace.

I have to return some videotapes.


Performances were great, direction was great, and it really is a beautiful film. I hate being repetitive with all these PTA films saying the same, but I think i'll enjoy it more on a rewatch. Definitely check it out if you're a fan of his.


Ridiculously entertaining and some really stylish techniques used by Rodriguez and Tarantino. I loved Clive Owen and Benicio's storyline more than the rest, with Bruce Willis' a close 2nd. I wasn't a big fan of Mickey Rourke's though.

@Cole - PTA always gets better with rewatches. And if at one point, it stops getting better in terms of giving it a higher rating, it never stops getting better in terms of noticing more things and different aspects with every watch.

But for the record, The Master started at a
for me and is now on a solid
. The Power of the PTA...