Rest in Peace, Dean Stockwell


I've loved Dean in film for as long as I've been aware of film, which is as is long as I could sit in front of a television set as a kid. The Happy Years (1950). If any of you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend it. It's just a joy to watch him command the screen as a holy terror of a kid who is sent off to prep school by his parents, where he learns some order and respect, but at the hands of good people who seemingly are rough on him but not really. He makes friends quickly among the students. There is a great fight scene early in the film (he backs down from no one!) and a pancake-eating contest that is one for the ages. Can't recommend it enough. It was a long-time family favorite but not cloying in the least. It shows up on TCM from time-to-time.

Enjoyed him in Compulsion, The Dunwich Horror, The Failing of Raymond (TV-Movie), The Werewolf of Washington (a huge bomb but I loved it!), Paris, Texas (such a classic!), Dune (he was great in it no matter what critics thought of the movie. I loved it.), Blue Velvet, Married to the Mob, The Longoliers (a two-part Stephen King-based miniseries. The effects are horribly dated but the story is great and Stockwell easily steals the movie as the man who figures out what's going on, no matter how crazy it seems to others), McHale's Navy (yes, the bomb Tom Arnold movie, but I still dug Dean in it), Battlestar Galactica (the revival/rebooted TV-series where he played a supporting role). Strangely enough, I only watched a few episodes of probably his highest profile role on TVs Quantum Leap, but I enjoyed what I saw.

I need to watch lots of other things he did. I'm hoping TCM will do a tribute day if they haven't already done it. Godspeed, Dean!
"Miss Jean Louise, Mr. Arthur Radley."

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
Dean Stockwell tribute on TCM tomorrow at 6AM ET, showing in order Anchors Aweigh, The Green Years, The Mighty McGurk, The Happy Years, The Secret Garden, Kim, The Boy with Green Hair.
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