Looking for a 90s action movie and a dark comedy also


Hello, I'm looking for a couple movie titles.
First movie is a recent one. There is a group a people working late in an office. I think some are wanting to go home but the boss keeps talking them into staying until all the filling is done. It's like a dark comedy. I think they're working for hell or the devil filing souls or something. I think it had Inc. in the title but not sure.

Second movie I believe is a 90s action/martial arts movie. All I remember is they a chasing the bad guy throughout the movie and his signature move was killing people with two finger punch. Like they're fighting on a metal staircase outside and he punches a hole through a steel pipe with two fingers. I believe there is also a scene where they go to this computer hacker guys house to get a lead or something and something is brought up about him peeing in a thermos cause he's too busy on the computer all the time. Thanks in advance.
You can't raise your voice when the lion gets here man.

Thanks Cryptic. That's the one.

Is the comedy Hell Inc. (2016)? I've never watched, I 've just googled the info you gave. So there is a big probability I'm wrong!

Thanks Sir_Tofu, I think the one I'm thinking of is a full length movie. But the description for Hell Inc. sounds exactly like the movie I saw. Also not sure if Inc. was in the title or just the company name in the movie.