Do others like movies the same way you do?


I don't know if its just me or the age we're living in now, but I find that I enjoy movies much differently than almost anyone I know. Everyone tells me that I like every movie that I see, which isn't totally true. I just find stuff to like in most movies that I see even if I don't absolutely love the movie.
Why go into something with the intention of disliking it? I actually look for reasons to like a movie as opposed to others who seem to try to find flaws and reasons not to like something. I am able to let go and give myself over to the story that is being told, instead of projecting my own ideas of what "should" have happened in the movie. Too many people sit there and say things like "Why didn't they do _______?" or "That would never happen!" in a movie that expects the viewer to suspend disbelief already. So many people also go into a movie searching for mistakes and flaws. Why would you try to ruin something for yourself?
I just love the medium of film and being told a story that I would never be able to experience myself or one that speaks to me on a personal level, or just pure fun entertainment escapism. So, from one film lover to the rest of you, just enjoy what you're watching and be open to whatever is on-screen.

I find plot holes and speculate on the characters' actions and whether or not things would happen even for movies I genuinely like. It's just a thing that happens automatically, I don't actively try to do it, in fact I've tried to not do it and failed.

But just because I'm finding flaws in a movie doesn't mean I'm automatically labeling it as bad. Finding them actually helps me fully measure how much I enjoyed the movie, I think. Everything's going to have a few problems, there's no such thing as a perfect movie; how easy it is to forgive those problems, even as you're fully aware of them, is a true test of how much a film was enjoyed, to me.

I definitely agree with you, Colors. It does make for a great barometer on how much I will love a movie. I will see some things too, but there are many times that I will try to fill in the gaps in the story for myself if there is something that isn't 100% explained. I think its part of being an active viewer and making it personal. I just know so many jaded people that when things are noticed or questioned, they're automatically like, "Nah...Movie sucked." So many people think everything "sucks". I can't imagine having that outlook on movies, something I love.

Do people like the same films I do? I really doubt it.... Im the Queen of Kinky Gore... .put sex and torture into a film and you got my attention.

I do like other genres as well.

No, no they don't. Which is the biggest reason I joined this site.

Most people have a very narrow conception of what they are supposed to see in a movie: They though it was weird that I actually watched a Japanese movie from the 1950's.

In any field, if you are serious about it you just cannot talk about it with people who are not also seriously into it. And I learned also that these fields are rather "small" as well.