the title of a movie in which an asian guy has a device in his body...


Here is what i remember: the movie is an action/comedy/kung-fu about this asian guy with a device in his body that gives him extra power to fight by increasing his stamina, on the way to sell it for some reason that i don't remember he bonds with an african-american man and thay take on this journey trying to sell it to some company....
but as they are on the way they are hassled by this mafia!? people who are trying to steal the device ...

Scenes that i remember:
1: the main characters have to fight all these people who have raided the motel where the two main characters have pulled off their car at and got a room to rest.

2: in the final scenes the asian guy has to fight this human like robot at a casino while the african-american guy fights a kung-fu asian woman

Someone asked me to find it for him, I have already searched imdb but it had no results.
I watched the movie as a kid like 10 years ago..

I would appreciate any ideas or names that could help me find the name of this movie.

thank you cryptic ...couldn't send PM,left a comment on your profile.