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Glad you enjoyed The Warriors, one of my favorites. As far as them not looking like tough street gang types, don't forget that this was before everyone wanted to bulk up and cover themselves in tattoos. People just looked like people back then, with the exception commonly being with the clothes they wore. Even how regular people a few years later in the 80's dressed and wore their hair can look funny now.

Love The Warriors, all the gangs were 'dressed up' because they were wearing their special 'colors' to attend a huge gang rally. We're not suppose to believe they always looked like this.

The director has also said the film is set in a semi-dystopian near-future, and is a parable of Homer's Odysssey, so this is not about real gang members.

You guys who are dissing this film as just cheesy fun, really need to dig deeper. There's a lot more to this film.

Not all great movies have moral or spiritual lessons. The Warriors works as a journey adventure, that the viewer undertakes as we enter the world of The Warriors and try to make it back through hostile terrain to a safe shore. It might be more of a film that guys can relate to. But the character of Mercy has got to be one of the most self deprecating characters I've seen on film. The actresses did a bang up job (pun intended), seriously a very memorable character study. Some of the main characters in the movie are archetypes for Greek mythos. Ajax was a character in the Odyssey.

On top of all that it was one helluva tense action movie for it's time. I seen it first run at the movie theaters. I left the theater feeling pumped and ready to battle (but instead my parents drove me home in their old 4 door car)

The Warriors is good for a few laughs, nothing more. Actually, the best thing about this trailer is the Tangerine Dream music from Sorcerer.
Tangerine Dream is usually the best thing about anything.

Not all great movies have moral or spiritual lessons.[i]
I never said they did. You said it was intended as a parable of The Odyssey.

"Parable" is defined as a simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson. I see no lesson here.

Did I say parable? I must have meant parallel

The lesson was survival or better yet, don't trust chicks packin' heat who invite you in to party.

BTW, did you see the original version or the lesser Director's Cut with the silly comic book scene wipes?

Tangerine Dream is usually the best thing about anything.
A, no. And, B, definitely not in the case of The Warriors.

I'm almost certain she saw the directors cut as its' the only one available on dvd.
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I'm almost certain she saw the directors cut as its' the only one available on dvd.
Ahh, see that's too bad that cut is out there, it makes the film look silly with the comic book crap added in. If I had a first watching now of that I might not think so highly of the film as I do.

I saw whichever version is on Netflix. I don't remember any "comic book crap" but it certainly didn't need that to look silly.

Also, I don't see much of a parallel to The Odyssey, unless you count being attacked by weird looking creatures.

The fact that they trusted The Lizzies and didn't suspect the obvious trap only adds to my not buying them as tough street fighters.

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But the original is what they show on cable, in the U.S. anyway. Go The Wanderers!
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Ah, if she watched it on Netflix, then it may well be the proper version.

Do they have this song in the US version? Because it's not on the Directors Cut over here, which is the worst crime about that cut.

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I bought the original warriors ten years ago on DVD without the Special Edition, that came out a few years later with the comic book transitions and the behind the scenes interviews and stuff. You can still get the original version, and Netflix last time I checked (In Canada anyway) had the original version without the comic book transitions.

Collectors Edition

Original Edition (Without Comic book Transitions)
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Though The Warriors does have Odyssey-like elements to it (the most obvious example being the Siren-like Lizzies), the core narrative is based off a different Greek historical text known as Xenophon's Anabasis, which chronicles a Greek army fighting their way through hostile territory following the death of a Persian general called Cyrus. I've seen it about twenty times by this point and I reckon that, if there's a deeper meaning to this film, then it's not really that much deeper than its gaudy action-packed surface. You get the odd humanising moment but that's about it.

Also, the Director's Cut is a cinematic abomination.
Way too much stupid talk on the forum. Iroquois, Iím thinking about you.

No, there's nothing 'deep' about The Warriors. Being based on ancient texts/storyine/fairytales/myths/whatever is not the same as deep.

Now, if you want to analyse something and find stuff to support a hypothesis or something, that's a different matter.