What actor/actress was in these movies?


Canít think of the name of the lawyer to the left of the courtroom movie. Marshall?
Holden, I meant E.G. Marshall.
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Star 80, The Pope of Greenwich Village, and King of the Gypsies

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The first flick is Maggie Smith and Michael Caine in California Suite, the third is Richard Farnsworth and James Caan in Comes a Horseman. The middle one is super blurry but still clearly Hume Cronyn. The actress is Jane Fonda and the only flick Hume and she made together was Rollover so it must be that.

Jane Fonda


Don't recognize any of the films and the only actor I think I recognize is Chloe Sevigny in the black cocktail dress and no shoes?

& Kate Beckinsale (probably best known for the Underworld films).

The film is Last Days of Disco.