Anybody knows a movie with the word 'Stone' in title?


It hasn't got anything to do with Rolling Stones or Stone Diaries. I was at work and a muted tv-monitor was running in the room. I kind of watched the end of this movie with one eye. A caucasian woman is a prisoner in some ruins in some remote woods. She kills one of her guards and then runs like crazy in search of her son, who is Asian and around 10 years of age. She finds him, but then they are chased by a very large bear. (It's not Lost) I looked in a newspaper to see the title and the word Stone was in it. When I tried to google it a few days later, unfortunately I'd forgotten the title. Something like Stone Protocol og Stone Archives. Please help.

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After days of research I found the movie. It's called 'The Stone Council' after a book by Jean-Christophe Grangé. Thanks for nothing.

It is hoped that people might try to find a movie title themselves first before posting some meagre half-remembered details here and expecting a quick answer. You first posted on Boxing Day and then again 2 days later. A lot of people were spending xmas with their families rather than posting on forums so you should not have expected an answer immediately.
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