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Help!!! With A Song In The Movie "Absolute Zero."


Hi. In the "global warming" movie, Absolute Zero, near the beginning of the movie, there is a song playing on a cassette player during the "global warming party." Does anyone out there happen to know the name of the song, the artist/group or hopefully both? I don't think it is any of the three songs listed on the soundtrack. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you for your time, Skip.

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I was searching for the intro, but was only able to find the trailer. Do you remember the lyrics?

Hi. It sounds like a cross between the Pogues and Green Day. I can only get a few words of the lyrics. Did many searches on the sites that "claim" to get you a song title or group with just a few words/lyrics. But no success. The words I can make out are: ...don't worry, don't waste this moment of trouble, just.....
I can't get it out of my skull!! If I could tape the segment and upload it here I would do it.
Can I?

I have now video taped the segment of the movie with the song in question.
You will hear what I hear. C'mon people, strain that brain. I don't know how to
or if I even can upload it here or do I have to send it individually to a specific email.
Any help is appreciated. Skip.

Did you ever think to look up the soundtrack to the film and listen to bits of each song?.... perhaps you can find it that way.
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No. I don't have a YouTube account. There are only three songs on the "soundtrack." This song isn't one of them.