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"Sinatoro, a man with no past and no memories, is the sole survivor of a car crash in the middle of a desolate American desert road. When he encounters the beautiful daughter of a cult leader, she convinces him to help defeat the forces of evil, which have overrun her town." - IMDB

2016 HR article...

"Filmmakers Chris and Paul Weitz and Universal Television are teaming up with Grant Morrison to adapt the latter's upcoming title, Sinatoro.

Adam Armus and Kay Foster, co-creators of the NBC drama American Odyssey, are writing the TV script with Morrison, one of the preeminent comics writers who has penned defining works on Batman, Superman, X-Men and Animal Man, among others.

Sinatoro, based on the forthcoming Black Mask Studios comic by Morrison and artist Vanesa R. Del Rey, tells of a soldier on a strange mission that takes him into a sinister landscape of American mythologies. The story, a modern take on the Tibetan Book of the Dead, has influences from the Western genre, and classic U.S. Route 66 also figures into it.

The Weitzes are executive producing with their Depth of Field partner Andrew Miano along with Black Mask Studios' Matt Pizzolo and Brett Gurewitz. Armus, Foster, Morrison, Kristan Morrison and Adam Egypt Mortimer will also exec produce."

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