Better Call Saul...whatcha think?


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It's pretty sad, and getting harder to avoid the saddest explanation with each passing day, yeah.
As sad as the news would be, the not knowing is far worse.

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I was planning to post here about the show but, with Dani8 not here, all my enthusiasm to do so has gone down the drain. I never knew much about her condition before because I'm not a regular here anymore and now I keep thinking how unlike her it is to go this long without posting.

I sincerely hope she's OK and I've been checking in here every very days for an update. If you or anyone else gets an update please PM me.

If it's the worst case scenario then I'll probably call it quits with MovieForums after that. It's strange to say that one friend kept me coming back but it's the truth and I don't mind saying it.
Because she backed a project of mine on Indiegogo, I have her email address. I'll send her an email and see if she responds...

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Okay, done. I just emailed her. Will update here (and Shoutbox) if I hear anything.
Thanks a lot.

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This was episode 6 tonight. I streamed it on my computer through our Comcast account. I'm assuming everyone saw what I saw, so I want to know: how did AMC get away with using the "F" word right in the middle of the episode?

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Okay, the season finale did not disappoint. I loved seeing some of the looks on Kim's face as Jimmy starts to do really "Saul"-like things now. And the closing moment was a great way to end the season.

And the separate stories of Mike and Gus feel like a completely different show (in terms of storyline). I get so caught up in one side of this show that I forget the other side exists... until it shows up again. Great work all around.

Already looking forward to the next season!

Wish I'd found the time to post in here throughout the season (harder without Dani being around and excited about it, though).

One thing I did really notice and like is that the dented garbage can from the first episode made an appearance. Jimmy's hit it a few times now. Didn't realize until recently that it's a counterpart to Walt's paper towel dispenser, the imagery of which I've talked about in the BB threads a fair bit already. The distortion in each man leads them to break something, and in Walt's case the reminder of breaking it (and the distorted reflection it literally gives back to him) only amplifies the breakdown.

Whoooo: Better Call Saul returns in three months (February 23rd), and then premieres its second episode the very next night (February 24th). Very cool:

Cinnabon is helping to promote it, too. Brilliant.

Watched the first two eps, and it looks to be a good season. All the favorites are back: Jimmy (Saul), Kim, Mike (Jonathan Banks), Gus, Nacho, and Lalo Salamanca.

Lalo is fairly prominent so far, and the actor who plays him, Tony Dalton, is loaded with charisma. Saul is back to his old tricks for getting clients, and his relationship with his atty wife, Kim, is continuing.

It's on AMC. Evidently, at least in the U.S., Netflix has only the frist 4 seasons so far.

Rewatched all of the previous season in anticipation (which we've done each year with this, and a few other shows we like almost as much). Enthralling even the second time each year.

Normally we'd have watched the first episode the moment the DVR had built up enough margin for the commercials, but I had to get up early the next morning to pick up a friend visiting from Canada, so we should finally get to see it tonight. Can't wait. Glad I'll have that many fewer days until the next one, too. This is probably the best show on TV right now.

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Ahhhh my goodness, this show. This scene (from 10 years ago in Breaking Bad) now makes a heap more sense, but also still raises questions.

Who is still alive in Breaking Bad timeline? Does Saul know? Exactly who has been through Robert Forster's vacuum business to get a new life?

Amazing stuff.

Season five's done, and it's great, and it looks like they've given us a big hint about how the final season might go. It's not what most of us expected, I don't think:

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Season five's done, and it's great, and it looks like they've given us a big hint about how the final season might go. It's not what most of us expected, I don't think:

Final episode didn't feel like a season finale to me, but that didn't detract from the quality of the episode, or the entire season, for that matter. Top notch show!
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Agreed on that final episode not feeling like a season finale. No big cliffhanger (plot-wise). But that's okay. I think I prefer the type of cliffhanger they chose: wondering how Kim and Jimmy split up, how far Kim will go with Howard, whether Jimmy will go along with it, etc. I can envision several scenarios/pathways ... and none of them feel very good to me. But, oddly, in a good way.

I love this show.