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I try and watch most things one episode a week. two at the most, so maybe I'll give it a go should I get the chance?

Dark and brooding is good. But not everything has to be though and this doesn't have anything to make me want to put myself through it. Especially at this time.
Liar would be okay if I werenít binge-watching it. If I watched one episode per week & then forgot about it until the next week, this show might be okay. The ability to binge-watch something & enjoy it is the test of any series IMO.

The Mark Ruffalo vehicle would be more interesting if it were a true story. But to spend all this time on a fictionalized series is not worth the effort IMO.

The New York Times is running out of stuff to review so they gave us a list of Brit shows to watch. Wonít bore you with the list, but they suggested In My Skin. Didnít even make it through the pilot. Another Brit series where schoolgirls act like theyíve been raised by wolves. So different from the British prep school I went to.
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⬆️ Never heard of it, but IMDb reviews are quite good. Probably not my cup of tea as the comedy is broad apparently.

Not sure which scenes are real and which ones are staged...
Is it a good series? Never heard of it, but just put it in my Netflix watch-list. Unless you tell me itís bad.

Miss„o dada ť miss„o cumprida!
Is it a good series? Never heard of it, but just put it in my Netflix watch-list. Unless you tell me itís bad.
It's good. Some scenes, it seems, were staged, but that doesn't mean that this type of situation does not happen in real life - The documentary is honest on both sides of the urban drug war - Listening to drug dealers talking about how they know their products are going to destroy a life is revolting, but interesting, so we can understand what drives a person down that path.

Hilary Swank is lovely & a terrific actor, but this show is not really my cup of tea.

The biggest implausibility to me is that the second-in-command on the spaceship is blatantly insubordinate to Swank as commander-in-chief. He wonít even address her as commander. He doesnít respect or trust her & lets everyone know. So this is patently absurd. The ship will be in space for 3 years in its quest to reach Mars. There canít be any kind of mutiny onboard a sailing ship let alone a spaceship. And this is going on before theyíve even left Earth. Even ground control is aware of it. So ... stupid.

I recently binge-watched Dark and really loved it. I'm a big fan of time travel when done right and really loved Season Five of LOST, which this reminded me of, especially in the first two seasons. Definitely lots of influence from Twin Peaks too.

If someone told me they didn't like it I could see why, it's a fine balance when it comes to emotional storytelling not to overdo it (and with the score, music etc. it pushes close) but I got totally invested and just really enjoyed it.

Lots of amazing performances and whoever did the casting did a great job. What I enjoyed was that the story was told completely in three seasons, with the same writer and director every episode. Everything tied up perfectly.

Other than that I've been rewatching Seinfeld and have been watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee which I find a really fun light watch.

Third re-watch & my favorite watch so far. I appreciate it more as the years go by.

Magnificent series that has been slightly overshadowed by The Sopranos & The Wire. Amazing how almost every actor got an incredible arc. My favorite actor might be Lauren Ambrose as Claire. Her journey was intense.

The last stage of the Tour de France, end of the race for another year. Just a shame that they didn't start in Yorkshire again this year but unfortunately the virus buggered that up.

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SpongeBob SquarePants - Banned In Bikini Bottom/Stanley S. SquarePants

Banned In Bikini Bottom:

SpongeBob is happy to work at The Krusty Krab. In fact, he seems even happier than usual. He starts singing about it loudly, which causes trouble when a group of old ladies stop by and witness it. The leader Miss Priss gets so prissed off she decides to ban Krabby Patties from Bikini Bottom!

I didn't expect very much from the rather generic-sounding plot, but it turned out to be more enjoyable than I thought it would be.

The song that SpongeBob keeps belting out is amusingly catchy, and Squidward has a funny line when he makes a dry joke about the way the old ladies look, asking if their clothes came from the mortician.

Mr. Krabs' facial expression as he freaks out about losing his business cracked me up. A nice bit of creativity from the animators.

Plankton decides to usurp the opportunity when he hears The Krusty Krab has been closed to steal the formula, but to his nuisance discovers it's been re-opened at SpongeBob's house. Not a bad idea, Krabs. I like his scene with Patrick when he gets flustered at having to utter the secret password. Apparently his threat to let him in or otherwise is the actual password. Sometimes you've really got to ponder how Patrick's mind works.

The jig is up for Krabs and co. when Plankton gives off the secret location to the police. Bug when Ms. Priss accidentally trips and swallows a Krabby Patty she finds it so delicious she starts singing herself. This would've been a fairly weak ending, but Plankton ending up on one of the burgers as Priss decides to eat another one was amusing.

When it comes to flaws, the old ladies are some of the uglier character designs in the series. Something about them just looks weird and offputting. Ms. Priss is also a rather uninteresting villain. I know she's supposed to be a parody of moralists who ban everything they don't like or understand, but she doesn't have any funny lines of her own.

As a whole, solid.

Stanley S. SquarePants:

The family tree gets expanded once more in this season as SpongeBob's cousin Stanley comes for a visit. But as he soon will find out, he's the biggest clot the world has ever seen.

While slightly weaker than Banned, this is a good segment. I tend to like segments where SpongeBob is the straightman, and this is one of them. His line "There's nothing good on TV anyway". as his cousin destroys the television is sold by Tom Kenny's deadpan delivery.

The visit to Patrick's house as Stanley gets taught how to do nothing is a highlight. The increasing uncomfortableness as he struggles to sit still and not move while Patrick just hangs his head backwards looking lobotomized really made me laugh.

I feel a bit mixed on the character of Stanley, but he does get to shine in one scene. When he stands behind the counter at The Krusty Krab and sees a customer, he's so delighted he starts taking pictures with him dressed up in various clothes. The customer naturally gets annoyed and a lot of other ones are left in a long queue waiting to order.

The part where several relatives of Squidward and Mr. Krabs made me smile. Especially the teenage relative of Squidward.

Mr. Krabs solution for what to do with Stanley making him work at The Chum Bucket with the intention of making his rivalry's place explode is a good final joke.

All right, my problem with Stanley is that while he is a clumsy oaf, he's also kind of a jerk. Letting SpongeBob constantly cover for his mistakes at work makes him more unlikable than was probably intended. And tripping over a rock just so he can accidentally pop Sandy's spacesuit was a little cheap as well.

For being the 100th episode these two segments don't feel all that celebratory, but are still worth watching on their own merits.


Just got into Sherlock Holmes 1984 series. Middle of season 3 now. Somebody uploaded them all to YouTube. Jeremy Brett hammed it up big time!
My Favorite Films

Joined Netflix a few weeks ago and watched a few things so far:

Derry Girls series 1 -
First episode of Sex Education -
Two episodes of Glow -
Two episodes of Russian Doll - taking some time to get into it
And the first episode of Another Life, so so.

There is too much choice!

Joined Netflix a few weeks ago and watched a few things so far:

Derry Girls series 1 -
First episode of Sex Education -
Two episodes of Glow -
Two episodes of Russian Doll - taking some time to get into it
And the first episode of Another Life, so so.

There is too much choice!
I love Derry Girls. Fantastic programme that just gives and gives. I liked the first few episodes of GLOW too, but haven't watched any more yet.

No one else will care but last week I got two of the first three questions right on the first clue on Only Connect. So proud. So pleased to have it back. EDIT: Just seen it's 2 of the first 4. I forgot one question.

Also the latest episodes of Inspector Montalbano are showing on BBC4 which I just love.
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Red Green Show (1991-2006):
Been watching some random episodes after finding the YouTube channel (looking for the DVDís atm), always a good laugh, wish it still aired on TV. Feel the need to buy some duck tape now.
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SpongeBob SquarePants - House Fancy/Krabby Road

House Fancy:

Squidward gets ready to watch his favorite show House Fancy, but is distraught when he discovers his arch nemesis cousin Squilliam is on it. Desperate to prove himself, he claims he has the fancier house. But can he make that lie a reality in just 2 hours?

I thought this was a very enjoyable segment. Squilliam is always a fun rival, and his incessant bragging when he shows off his mansion is amusing. The 130-foot unibrow statue is also a wonderfully ridiculous item. SpongeBob also has a good role when he tries to help Squidward redecorate the house. I don't know why, but him just casually admitting he's been spying on him made me chuckle.

SpongeBob absorbing and accidentally painting the entire house with thick paint and vacuuming himself inside are good gags. I especially like the part where Patrick gives him back the brain he borrowed for the weekend through the vacuum cleaner. We also get one of the strangest jokes the show has ever done when Patrick uses the toilet and it in pain climbs up in Squidward's arms and dies. It's so crazy you gotta laugh.

Everything blows up due to SpongeBob's incompetence, but Squidward still wins when Nicholas Withers sees his "house" as a post-modern work of art. It pokes fun at pretentious modern art, but is also a satisfying ending since we rarely get to see Squid go out with victory.

All right, here it is: the toenail scene. While it's definitely gross and a pointless addition, it doesn't last long enough to ruin the whole thing. And SpongeBob's reason for continuing to move the couch was amusing. I think if they didn't go for grossout and just made it a regular pain gag it would've worked better.

Krabby Road:

Plankton escapes from prison and returns to his humble abode, but Karen doesn't want anything to do with him. He gets a bit nostalgic seeing an old guitar he used to play. Then SpongeBob comes walking singing about the task of making Krabby Patties. This gives him a devious idea...

SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward coming together to form a band (unaware of Plankton's devious master plan) was an entertaining story. The initial part with SpongeBob singing is a little too lengthy, but I laughed at him nearly chopping Plankton in half as he describes his work task.

The obliviousness from the band members over the name Plankton And The Patty Stealers is my favorite joke. Sometimes it's unbelievable how dumb SpongeBob and Patrick are. Plankton trying to read Sponge's mind through mind control so he can sing out the formula, but getting mundane nonsense such as feeding Gary and brushing his teeth made me chuckle too.

Squidward of course takes this more seriously than anyone, assuming the band's success will make him famous. He looks even more handsome buff than he did in The Two Faces Of Squidward. The designs of the other band members are cool too.

SpongeBob eventually catches onto the plan though and the police come to arrest Plankton. Not sure how they managed to arrive so early considering no one told them where he was or even called them, but I'll bite. What does disappoint me a bit however is that we never get to hear a full song before he gets caught. I don't expect Sweet Victory, but at least something would've been nice. Nevertheless, a very good segment.

American Murder: The Family Next Door (Netflix 2020)

I donít normally watch true crime, but a guy on a radio show was going on and on about how good this was.

The show is surreal because it is completely body cam/ security cam/ courtroom footage. Very chilling. Half-ass internet research showed there are even more details that didnít make the show.