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Godzilla vs Kong


Watching the previous movies separately it might sound like fun, but this kind of fantasies are not likely to happen
Personally the only King Kong I've seen was the one with Jessica Lange, because the following trailers couldn't force me to leave the house when they started to appear in cinemas...
As special effects the movie sounds awesome, but the theme of the movie makes me think of other absurdities they could invent over the years like Alien VS Predator, Batman VS Superman and so on.
But if you really feel like killing some time and you already had a few glasses of Chardonnay such movies might sound thrilling !
Since I'm more like a Sci-Fi fan rather than a Fantasy one I think I'll pass
I'm sure some new "Space Opera" will soon be available
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I've seen way too many flicks with Godzilla or Kong to thing about doing another. I had a "Never Again" moment the last time. Damn, I wish somebody could manage to come up with a new monster, but I guess that's kinda like the ancient Romans coming up with an emperor that wasn't demented or corrupt....beyond cultural reach.

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Watched it the other night. Was getting a very "Transformers Sequels" vibe. Not good at all.

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Well it seems like Kong and Godzilla are unevenly matched, because Kong was killed by machine guns before where as Godzilla has had large missiles launched at him and they bounce off like ping pong balls, and he's fine. Plus Godzillas radioactive fire breath would melt Kong right away, and there is no challenge there.