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Why does the poster look like a bad photoshop?

Why am I supposed to be impressed by a tagline that reminds me that rich privileged ***holes who attend exclusive schools run the country?

Will try to forget the Donnie Yen drama and just watch the thing.

Largely agree with the opinions expressed in the filmís own thread that 4 is a little below 1 and 2 quality-wise but above 3. Overall, the action is engaging. Also, I know people will think Iím deliberately being controversial/contrarian/annoying, but Donnie Yen makes this film, he brings it to life, and yes, he is cooler than Keanu (no wonder
WARNING: spoilers below
they didnít dare kill him off
). Donnie Yen rocks as far as this particular film is concerned. Obviously targeting the Asian market and all, but good for them.


Not great, and I finally see the point about all things Conjuring being blatant Christian propaganda, but fine. Ticked off now.