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I've been doing some catching up on 2019 releases!

Ford v Ferrari (2019)

I'm not sure if this is as enjoyable if you don't care much about racing, but as a fan of racing myself, this was a lot of fun! The sound of the cars was amazing and a good performance by Christian Bale as race driver Ken Miles. The name
Ford v Ferrari might be a bit misleading though, because the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari feels more like a subplot than the main conflict.

Little Women (2019)

A lovely film! The entire cast was great in this, but especially Saoirse Ronan's and Florence Pugh's performances were amazing. I haven't read the book or seen any of the previous adaptations, so I can't say much about how "original" the screenplay is, but as someone who didn't know the story yet, I thought that it was great. It's noticeable that this film is adapted from a fairly long book because sometimes it feels like the story of the film jumps around a bit too fast. The costume design and set design were great too and the score is fantastic. One of my favorite films of 2019!

1917 (2019)

The cinematography of 1917 is beautiful, but what else would you expect from Roger Deakins. The way that they managed to make the entire film seem like it's one continuous shot is very impressive. Although it's not the first film that has done this, it's very likely the most difficult film which has and that's due to both the amazing way that some of the scenes were shot and the great editing.

Jojo Rabbit (2019)

I liked the two other Taika Waititi films that I'd seen and after this one, I can definitely say that I'm a fan. I find the tone of his films very original and he manages to combine a serious subject and comedy way in a way where neither feels out of place. The child actors are well cast, the screenplay is great and there were some very beautiful shots.

I agree with just about everything you said about all four of these films.

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I really liked this movie, especially the combo of Isaac & Chastain.
I like both actors, for me chastain is one of the very few good actresses acting in hollywood, in my opinion. When it comes to new york, to me, it have to have something more than just acting and plot, even worse if you sell the movie talking about the most violent era, taking in consideration what was made in terms of cinematography because of that era, it’s one of the only times i enjoy america culturally. They sold this movie in a way, they made it in another way, is related but missed so much. I could rate it higher, probably, but when i make the contrast between the material available and what they made...

Yves Simoneau, 2007

I was hoping for something of the same quality of the book; the movie is about the last chapters: red cloud 'touching the pen' and driving his people to reservations, the last frontier of crazy horse and sitting bull, that ended with their deaths. A nice feature, both sides of a story, with an interesting character ohiyesa / charles.

Stiff A.K.A. Necro Lover (2010) - 3.5/10. As the movie name says... Stiff, acting-wise it was stiff. The girl was cute enough. The movie meanders on with dull conversations. The plot is pretty much laid out in the open up front so there is suspense or anything. But for a movie that cost so low, it wasn't made woefully. A wee bit better story telling and it would have been a better movie.
My Favorite Films

I watched a very funny movie Borat, I think I will rate it as 8 out of 10

Murder in Miami (2014) - 3/10. A dull low budget thriller. The twist in the end was pretty alright. But everything leading up to it was bad. There was a cheap tribute to Psycho in there. And the ladies were gorgeous for sure. But a hopeless movie!

Miss Fisher and athe Crypt of Tears (2020) - 6.5/10. My favourite TV show ever gets a movie and they mess it all up with mythological mumbo jumbo. A wee bit more money they get and forget about the story and just go for grandeur. Should have stuck to a well written murder mystery. 6.5 might be generous, but I do have a soft spot for the show.

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And the ladies were gorgeous for sure. But a hopeless movie!
"Ladies were gorgeous for sure" ≠ "A hopeless movie".

There's always hope for such movies. :-P
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Night of the Living Dead: 3.5/4

Simple but clever. Very well acted for an indie movie. Loved how the word "zombie" is never used. Didn't find it particularly scary, but I don't think anyone my age would.
My ratings are generally skewed towards the positive side.