A female directors thread, because why not.


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I usually like films directed by women as they are more character driven with emphasis on humanity vs car chases and explosions.

Is that then the reason that they aren't more common? The movie-going-watching public more often than not wants car chases and explosions?
IMO, that could be why women directors aren't as popular. Though the main reason is that there's not many women directors making movies. There's a ton of male directors that no one has every heard of before too. And the further we go back in time the less women directors were working.

Yes, I do think that women directors make more subtle, emotional humanistic films (not all of them of course). While men directors tend toward more guy type thinking with direct action, plot driven, (not all of them of course).

But mainly it's the audience that pays to see movies that drive what gets made. And from all the big budget, CG, superhero movies and remakes & sequels...I'd say the audience wants to see crap

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Hey, that's my favorite Twilight Zone episode!

But do people really care if a movie was directed by a man or a woman though? That doesn't really effect the movie does it? I just found out that my favorite Twilight Zone was directed by a woman. Still my favorite one, doesn't change anything.

But maybe a lot of women are not interested in being directors nowadays perhaps and that is why there is a shortage? Even when I went to film school, it was all males in the class, so maybe there is just a lack of interest? Kind of how the make up department is mostly women for example, where as the directors are mostly men? Just different genders prefer different jobs... Is that the reason for the shortage?
I noted earlier how it's kind of the same thinking behind auteur theory - if you care enough about directors in the first place, you'll likely notice it (and even then you'd be forgiven for not paying the utmost attention to whoever directed episodes of an old TV show like The Twilight Zone since TV doesn't put as much emphasis on directors as movies do, especially not in the early years). The difference obviously being that auteur theory favours individuals that are distinguished by their particular filmographies whereas gender is just a matter of arbitrarily sorting people into groups (with one group being so much larger than any other that it's more or less accepted as a default by most people) so it's too broad to be of particular interest.

As for film school, all I can tell you from my own experience with film school is that it's considerably more balanced in terms of gender, but I figure there's also the matter of how many people actually become directors after attending film school as opposed to taking up any other film-related occupation like cinematography or editing or sound - regardless of gender, not everyone wants to be a director (and even then you could make the case that the numbers are going up for women in recent years but they're still outnumbered anyway). Directing is hard to get into and harder to maintain - it's a tough job with limited openings, after all.
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