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LOVE this movie. Best theme song ever.
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Meek's Cutoff (2010)

I'm pretty sure that Kelly Reichardt (and her fans) would disagree but in my opinion Meek's Cutoff feels as lost as its settlers. It looks good and has glimpses of a great atmosphere but it doesn't know what to do with its pieces. Half of the film is shots of people walking and with quite a few characters it doesn't have time to flesh out any of them. It builds up like it wants to be horror (or at least mystery) but never dares to go there either (like a handicapped Picnic at Hanging Rock). It's a decent film but irritating in its wasted potential.


Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.

The Occupant (Àlex Pastor & David Pastor, 2020)
The Gentlemen (Guy Ritchie, 2019)
Shadow Boxing (Ryan Taylor Lopez, 2016)
Cats (Tom Hooper, 2019)

More boring and a downer than a complete bomb.
The Cruz Brothers and Miss Malloy (Kathleen Collins, 1980)
The Way Back (Gavin O'Connor, 2020)
Blood Ink (Irin Iroc Daniels, 2018)
- 5/10
Bruce Lee and the Outlaw (Joost Vandebrug, 2018)

One of those Bruce Lees made the Bandit who he is.
Graves Without a Name (Robbie Lopez, 2018)
- 6.5/10
Ultras (Francesco Lettieri, 2020)
Mommy Group Murder (Nick Everhart, 2018)
Three Wishes for Cinderella (Václav Vorlíček, 1973)
+ 6/10

Cute Czech version of the fairy tale.
Bloodshot (David S. F. Wilson. 2020)
Snuff (3 Snuff Directors, 1975)
Der Havarist AKA The Shipwrecker (Wolf-Eckart Bühler, 1984)
Crip Camp (Nicole Newnham & James Lebrecht, 2020)

Incredible saga of who and what it took to get the Americans with Disabilities Act passed.
Caniba (Verena Parave & Lucien Castaing-Taylor, 2017)
+ 5/10
The Bygone (Graham Phillips & Parker Phillips, 2019)
Dillinger and Capone (Jon Purdy, 1995)
+ 5/10
Stranger at My Door (William Witney, 1956)

Bank robber Skip Homeier becomes an idol to the son (Stephen Wootton) of preacher Macdonald Carey who prays to save the man even though the preacher's wife (Patricia Medina) can't do that.
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The Foreigner, 9/10. Brosnan's performance really impressed me, and it's currently my fave Campbell movie.

Deadly Manor (1990) - 5/10. Kinda started this B movie watching stuff during the quarantine. B movies and work!

Found this on a Fire TV app Halloween Flix. It was not bad. Just not that much sleaze. So a little disappointed. The motive is tame. Bad acting galore. But still alright.
My Favorite Films

Safeword (2011) - 2/10. This was a load of rubbish. A confusing plot. Bad editing. Bad acting (although the lead actress was not bad). Didn't understand a word of the movie. Maybe I was more focused on my work, but still garbage.

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The Red Menace - 6/10
I'm always interested in subversive, propaganda, radical, extreme ideological movies. This isn't too bad. 87 minutes long. Anti-communist film.

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Platoon - 10/10
Videodrome - 8/10
Whiplash - 9/10

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Secrets & Lies (Mike Leigh, 1996)

I always thought the dream of every cinephile should be finding their soul-mate director. That director who would make films like they were dedicated to oneself, even if the stories were far away from any personal experience one might have.

I think I found mine.

Secrets & Lies was the first movie in a long time that made me wante to write a proper review about it. Maybe I'll do it one of these days, but for now I don't really know where to start. Everything here is so painfully real and perfectly done. The cast, the soundtrack, the script, the cinematography... It's like we're spying the lives of real persons, because noone is acting, they're all living.

Every actor involved here was hand picked and perfect for the roles each one of them have, but Brenda Blethyn is just too amazing not to be mentioned. What a perfomance! She had me breaking out in tears each time she was on screen.

Then the soundtrack just says Mike Leigh all over it. It involves you, it propels the action without ever being distracting and it just makes you sit till the end of the credits listening to it cause it feels like the story isn't over.

The script is, as with all the other Mike Leigh films, impeccable. Funny without ever being comical, dramatic without pushing it and so so realistic.

I don't have a thing in common with any of these characters, but still I felt so related to the story and to the way this film was built. Well done, Mr. Leigh!


2001 Monolith spotted at McDonald's Drive Thru

If you liked Groundhog Day, you'll probably enjoy this too.
Some laugh-out-loud moments.

2001 monolith recently seen at McDonald's Drive Thru

Underwater (2020)

I wasn't expecting much from this PG-13 horror that's been quite a while in production (apparently it was shot three years ago). So to find out it's pretty decent Alien rip-off with Lovecraftian vibes was a pleasant surprise. A well-done old school monster film with Cthulhu and scantily dressed Kristen Stewart is quite decent entertainment.

Along Came a Spider: 10/10. Movie prob works best the less one knows about it. I'll just say it's a damn impressive kidnapping thriller from the guy that did Die Another Day, a Bond film that I really enjoy (controversial opinion, but whatever).

Manhattan (Woody Allen, 1979)

Well made, lovely cinematography, lots of funny moments... but there is no getting away from Woody Allen the person being an absolute creep, and his character in this being the same, and extremely unlikeable and annoying in other ways too. Whether or not he has committed any crimes, he is still clearly a very unsavoury and creepy person. The romance in the film is a 42 and 17 year old yet everyone seems okay with it, and it seems it was based on his real life relationships with teenagers. He seems obsessed with sex, sure most men are, but because he's a famous comedian/writer he's been able to make crass comments and remarks his whole life and people haven't really thought about it where as if your ordinary man made these comments or did the things he did they would looked down on. It really baffles me, crimes or not, how people have accepted his behaviour and relationships, I'm not sure even before recent movements that what he has done would ever be okay.

I do like some of his other films I have seen too, but this one I found his personal character impossible to divide from the film character, and I struggled to see what he was trying to say about his actions, it seemed muddled. Maybe that was the point. I enjoyed the final lines.