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Rate and rank the films of Louis Malle


I searched and didn't find a thread about Louis Malle or his films, so I decided to start one.
Here is my rating and ranking of what I have seen of his films:

My Dinner with Andre (1981) 10/10
Black Moon (1975) 9/10
Pretty Baby (1978) 8/10
Elevator to the Gallows (1958) 8/10
Au Revoir les Enfants (1987) 8/10
The Fire Within (1963) 7/10
Atlantic City (1980) 5/10
May Fools (1990) 5/10

The trick is not minding
Talk about a director I really want to delve further into.
My viewings have been pretty weak so far.

Au Revoir, Les Enfants. 8.5/10
Atlantic City 7/10
Pretty Baby 4/10

Really want to get into his pre 1980’s stuff.
And of course, My Dinner with Andre.

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
Atlantic City 7+
Au Revoir les Enfants 7
Lacombe, Lucien 7
Place de la République 6.5
Murmur of the Heart 6.5
Viva Maria! 6.5
God's Country 6.5
The Thief of Paris 6.5
May Fools 6.5
Elevator to the Gallows 6.5
Zazie dans le Métro 6
Pretty Baby 6
The Fire Within 6
My Dinner with Andre 6
The Lovers 6
Vanya on 42nd Street 6
Damage 6
"William Wilson" (Spirits of the Dead) 5.5
Calcutta 5
A Very Private Affair 5
Alamo Bay 5
Crackers 5
Black Moon 4
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Murmur of the Heart
My all-time fave. Scandalous & hugely entertaining.
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Place de la Republique - 10/10
My Dinner With Andre - 10/10
Le Feu Follet - 7.5/10
Elevator To The Gallows - 7/10
The Lovers - 7/10
Murmur of the Heart - 7/10
Au Revoir les enfants - 6.5/10
Atlantic City - 5/10

  1. Au Revoir les Enfants
  2. Murmur of the Heart
  3. Elevator to the Gallows
  4. Vanya on 42nd Street
  5. Zazie dans le Métro
  6. My Dinner with Andre
  7. Black Moon
  8. Vive Le Tour
  9. The Fire Within
  10. Calcutta
that's my top ten

minds his own damn business
9.5/10 -

My Dinner with Andre
Atlantic City (surprised to see the indifference to this one here)

9 -

Elevator to the Gallows
Au Revoir les Enfants

8.5 -

Zazie in the Metro
Murmur of the Heart
The Lovers
A Very Private Affair

8 -

Lacombe Lucien
The Fire Within
Black Moon
Viva Maria
Vanya on 42n Street

7.5 -

"William Wilson"
Alamo Bay

7 -

Thief of Paris

6 -

Pretty Baby

5 -


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1. Goodbye, Children

2. The Fire Within

3. Murmur of the Heart

4. Zazie in the Subway

5. Elevator to the Gallows

6. My Dinner With Andre
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