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Re: Judas and the Black Messiah. I don't mind the initial reaction there, because it is a little on-the-nose zeitgeist-wise, but it's pretty good. The performances, in particular, are tremendous.
Feel the same. I went into it with my guard up a bit and was pleasantly surprised, mostly because of those two performances I think. It's not one of my fave 8 from last year, but it's really solid and entertaining. Which is kind of surprising given its subject matter.

I really love Stanfield. He isn't a charismatic actor in the traditional sense but he is just magnetic on screen. Totally steals every scene in Atlanta that he's in.

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@Mr Minio: thanks dude, appreciate the reply. I'm just going to pretend you secretly loved Iron Man 3 now and I'm sure it won't affect our interactions at all.
Haven't seen it, but I liked the two Guardians of the Galaxy movies. For what it's worth, I thought they were the only two good Marvel films apart from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Wait, am I again taking a joke too seriously?
Re: Judas and the Black Messiah. I don't mind the initial reaction there, because it is a little on-the-nose zeitgeist-wise, but it's pretty good. The performances, in particular, are tremendous.
I haven't seen it, so I initially added: "I might go back on this" or whatever the expression is, but then realized the two are not mutually exclusive, and the film might have been nominated because of its trendy themes and at the same time might potentially be a good film.
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I have no idea how Social Dilemma missed the docs...
I was pretty surprised at this, as well. Excellent doc.
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Remember a few years ago when people weren't sure if the Academy would ever really accept Netflix (and/or streaming outlets) as awards-worthy? Boy, do we have our answer.

Granted, the circumstances of the past year forced their hand a little, but I think the seal's broken.

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Re: Judas - I think it's obvious that the current zeitgeist has made it much easier for films such as this to get made and distributed, and that's hardly a bad thing, but the Fred Hampton story has long been one of the more fascinating of that era, as well as a story that was perennially ignored. Most historical coverage of the Black Panthers revolved around the Bay area. The fact that someone has finally dramatized it is enough to whet my appetite. I haven't yet seen the film, and if it turns out to be patronizing or pedantic, that would be a shame, but I'm hopeful.

It's not uncommon for non-BLM interests to glom onto historical depictions either, and this is also my impression of Trial of the Chicago Seven (for some reason Bobby Seale is removed as the 8th). I haven't seen it yet either, although I want to, but my enthusiasm is not as much as Judas because I have a lot less interest in people like Hoffman and Rubin, who I tend to see as being a lot more succssful at grabbing attention than in actually progressing any cause. (And I was a bit lukewarm on Sorkin's previous Molly's Game.)

Bumping this to say I just sent out an email about all this, and with the email fixes implemented recently a lot of people who haven't heard from us in awhile probably just have.

Make those picks! It's okay if you're not sure, and you can change them up until just before the ceremony starts. It's free and you might win a prize. Also, it's in your self-interest, since otherwise you'll get annoying flashing banners and even a pestering PM from yours truly.

Iím happy about the nominations for Trial of the Chicago 7 and Promising Young Women. Iím glad Glenn Close got nominated. I would have liked to see some nominations for Iím Thinking of Ending Things and Never Rarely Sometimes Often. I think Soul should have been nominated for best picture. Iím slightly disappointed that Sorkin didnít get nominated for best director. Overall, Iím pleased with most of the nominations.
I, too, think Sorkin should have gotten a directing nomination, though I think the Academy will make up for it by giving him the screenplay Oscar.