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Query about Featured Member Reviews



Just a minor query, and sorry if this is common knowledge, but I have difficulty knowing about new posts within featured member reviews' threads (top of the reviews section). Some of these members are very prolific in writing reviews but I only become aware of their posts if they are the most recent post within the movie reviews sub-topic, and I happen to see it at that time - from the index. After that, there doesn't seem to be any indication that there's been any new post within their review thread (e.g bold text), and so I tend to miss a lot of them. The only solution being to check their review threads on a regular basis for new content. Grateful for any insights.

Many thanks.

If you subscribe to the thread you will receive notifications of any new posts.
That's a good and practical suggestion. Appreciated.

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Under the Tools pulldown menu at the top of the thread, click on "Subscribe to Thread."

Hope this helps!
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