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The Eyes of My Mother

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In The Eyes of My Mother, Nicholas Pesce portrays a violent and disturbing tale that's typical of his style. There isn't any buildup in this film: within the first few minutes, a strange man brutally kills Francisca's mother (who runs a cattle farm) somewhere in the sparsely populated united states. The events get increasingly more bizarre and abnormal as the film carries on.

It is a black and white film as such to empasize the silent, barren, and outdated qualities of the farm on which the almost nameless protagonist grew up. The eerie silence and the brutality of this movie make it a great choice for horror fans, but it will probably leaving everyone else just asking "what the ****?". It feels more like a disturbing art film than anything else.

yeah it is, was not my absolute favorite movie though, the only thing i can base a movie review on. Out of recent movies I saw that I liked better...the Godfather series was pretty amazing to me, these films are all very long but they don't feel very long.