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MoFo Fantasy Baseball - 2020 Season


I say just wait for next Spring at this point for baseball. Almost 3 months lost and it never began anyways.

Basketball hopefully coming back though

Any word on if the owners are gonna pay up?
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

Yeah, the players were ready to just last week. I heard that the owners were balking at the full salary thing. Seems like they backed off that tho. I was kinda hoping to hear about a decision tonight but maybe tomorrow?

Hope so. Am a little surprised to that they plan to play in empty stadiums. That makes no sense. And isn't even realistic. There's gonna be people other than players at the stadium while games are being played. Not to mention that if you tell people they can't go inside then people will just mill around outside the place. Seems like they should consider the fans. Maybe thats part of the hold up?

Well, it'll be a) way fewer players and b) people under their payroll who are probably going to be roughly 20 times more diligent about following safety protocols than random fans will be, so I think there'd still be a huge difference in terms of spread.

I think the idea, beyond that, is that there's still plenty of money in the broadcasts (especially now, when people have so few options) relative to ticket sales, and that playing something resembling a season is sort of an investment in keeping baseball in people's minds and showing that it can soldier forward, as opposed to the disillusionment that they'll have to contend with otherwise. Baseball, in particular, benefits a lot from that consistency. That James Earle Jones speech actually tapped into something profound about baseball that makes it feel a lot stranger and sadder when it's not being played in the summer, relative to other sports.

The trick is not minding
Yeah, it makes total sense to play in empty stadiums, where the 6 feet rule couldn’t be applied and it would be more difficult to make sure all fans adhered to safety protocols.
As for the deal, well.....Time is running out, and they want to save their season they will have to reach an agreement To salvage it.

60 game season shot down earlier.

If they can't cowboy up to at least do a 60 game season then there wont be one at all. Pathetic.