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Disney Buys 21st Century Fox for 52 Billion


We've gone on holiday by mistake
Seriously though gandalf, you're going to loose your sh*t because of one film? 'Star Wars' is "ruined forever?" Really?

Let's not forget who owned Star Wars more than a couple of years ago.

The gobble-necked elderly cook who screwed around with the Original Trilogy several times, and made the beloved unedited versions pretty much inaccessible because his ego and his "vision" was 'more important than the fans.' And mostly importantly, HE was the sole perpetrator of those "****ty ****ing prequels that no one gives a **** about."
Just might be the lesser of 2 evils.

Hopefully things get so bad that they bring someone in who actually gives a **** about SW and give them free reign to do whatever they want.

They only Bought Lucasfilm for 4 Billion. Was fox really worth all that money. Fox's only great films has been around X-Men Characters and a little movie called Avatar. And thats not the best track record since Fox was in debt

Thing is, Fox owns a lot more than just their own namesake. There's a lot of smaller studios, TV stations and such that Fox owned... which Disney now owns.

Buying out Fox basically means that if it's not owned by Warner, Universal or Sony, then it's now under Disney's control.
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Garbage bag people fighting hippy love babies.

Bots gotta be bottin'

Just might be the lesser of 2 evils.

Hopefully things get so bad that they bring someone in who actually gives a **** about SW and give them free reign to do whatever they want.
You haters of the prequels are what drove out George Lucas and now you have Disney and whatever happens happens. Lucas is not as bad as people needed him too be really and now you Fans who spill out so much hate have maybe given Star Wars over too a worse hack but then again the films are not that terrible but id always wonder what Lucas would have done if he could finished all 9 films.

I actually didnt mind the prequels
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The only reason I say that is cuz revenge of the Sith is decent, but the rest are just a smidge bit of nostalgia and visuals, but overall, they suck

I had asked my gf recently if Disney is a cult, and I was rather unsurprised at the response.

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i still cry when i see this news. i am waiting for the day they start their own theater chain or buy out an existing one

I actually didnt mind the prequels
The prequels are better than the stuff they are making now. At least in the prequels we had some new ideas being explored, instead, in the movies being made now just feel like recycled Star Wars tropes from 30 years ago made to milk the money from middle aged Star Wars fans. They might be better executed from a technical sense than the prequels but artistically they are completely empty vessels to milk the Star Wars franchise dry. In 5 years the Star Wars franchise will be so ravaged by crappy factory made sequels that it will be in worse shape than Alien vs Predator movies.

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The female daughter of the Queen would be considered a Disney _________ ?

Iím both excited and leery about this. On one hand Iím a huge marvel fan so i want to see all the characters with each other and on the other, this is gearing up to be a monopoly
Admiration is the furthest thing from understanding

R.I.P 20th Century Fox

I, for one, welcome our new rodent overlords! Disney owns my anus next.