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Forum Lurkers Come Join In!!


We've gone on holiday by mistake
You heard me stop lurking and come join in the discussion.

Currently 12 Members and 95 guests viewing the forum.

Most visitors are from Google probably.

I found the site because I asked Google a movie question and it pinged up this site, so I joined.
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Garbage bag people fighting hippy love babies.

Bots gotta be bottin'

Stu Smallz forced me to join at gunpoint.

He's a scary dude.

He told me to "blink twice if you understand" and I started crying then blinking profusely. It was then that I thought I would die because I "understood too much".

We've gone on holiday by mistake
Finally! Only took about 9 years to get repped for this post but I got there.

My Darth Star is in for a service
I'm planning to buy a new home theater set for my new home, my budget is around 700 to 900$ what will you guys suggest me to buy in this budget?
You might be better off posting this in the Home Theatres catergory.

Also list what it is you need exactly, TV, screen, amp/receiver, speaker system etc.
Has anyone seen my lightsaber?