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Arrested Development Appreciation Thread


Despite the return of the eternally annoying Judy Greer, ep 17 was a lot of fun. Loved everything that happened involved with getting Lucille into rehab and I loved the fact that everything that happened at the rehab was presented through the security cameras. Loved Lucille's drink-off with Kitty as well. Jessica Walter is the bomb! Loved Buster getting drunk yo "Rose's Turn" and Zach Braff was a lot of fun too. George is turning out to be a richly complex character, perfectly inhabited by Geoffrey Tambor and I love the way his feelings about his family change from scene to scene. Why is Maeby still working at the banana stand when she has a job as a movie studio executive? Gob trying to vomit the handcuff key had me on the floor too.

BEST LINE: "No, I'm not doing another intervention with her, I felt bad for a week."

BEST LINE RUNNER UP: "Never promise Crazy a baby."

Just finished the season 2 finale, which was a lot of fun. I can't believe George got away again. Sometime next season, he really needs to pay some consequences for some of his actions, though I did enjoy that little exchange between him and Oscar before he screwed Oscar over. I loved when Buster burned Oscar's forehead with his hand and that he finally figured out the truth about his paternity. That was so weird when Tobias was reading his resignation to Michael. I also think it's funny that right now the only character involved in a genuine love triangle is George Michael. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

BEST LINRE: "I'm not in the mood for a kiss...we're not at Mac Cherry's house."

The season 3 opener was very funny. I loved the way this mountain cabin that we're just now hearing about has become the focus of the story and everyone is headed up there. Nice to see Gob handle the revelation that he has a son so maturely. The marriage of Lindsey and Tobias has to be the most bizarre television marriage ever. It's too funny the way these two can never be on the same page about each other at the same time. I was sorry that Maeby and George Michael were unable to finish their kiss...the way George Michael lit up at the suggestion. Loved the SAD center and the I'm Oscar website. I can't believe George is staying one step ahead of everyone and where is he taking that cabin>

BEST LINE: "You've got the wrong quadruplets! We're Larry and Dave! You want Curtis and Jeff!"

BEST LINE RUNNER UP: "I just have to break down the salad bar and set up the leather pony."

Ep 2 was hysterical...I'm glad it wasn't just me and that we finally learned that the rest of the Bluth family is also aware of the fact that Michael REALLY needs to get laid. The chicken impressions were really funny. George is becoming such an enigma...he's really likable but he keeps digging deeper and deeper holes for himself and no matter what Michael does form him,, he fights it. He finally got George on house arrest and now he wants to go back to jail to get away from Lucille? Tobias needs to be locked up...there's something seriously wrong with that guy, other than latent homosexuality. Just as I was hoping something might be happening between Michael and Charlize Theron's Rita, it looks like this isn't going to be the girl for Michael either.

BEST LINE (first one from narrator Ron Howard): "No one was making fun of Andy Griffith....and I can't emphasize that nearly enough."

Ep 3 was on the money...the introduction of Scott Baio as Bob LobLaw (best character name ever) was inspired and I can't wait to see how messes with Lindsey's head cause you know he's going to. The slow motion replay of Buster's medal ceremony as just as funny as the family confronting Rita (Charlize Theron) in the cabin.

BEST LINE: "I'm getting rid of this's given me nothing but pride and self respect!"

Ep 4 was absolutely hysterical...Maeby going undercover at that beauty pageant was too funny. I liked the surprise bonding between Michael and Steve Holt and Gob's revenge on Michael was funny too. Also loved George speaking at the Startled Straight program and his escape in the Pope mobile. As much as I loved the bonding of Michael and Steve Holt, I loved Michael begging George Michael not to join the army. Though I still think Michael's obsessing about George Michael is still a little over the top. He needs to spend a little more time obsessing with Rita.

BEST LINE: "Ann, you need to know if you want a man or a boy...I know what I'd choose."

BEST LINE RUNNER UP: "Hey, does anyone know why my handlebars are in my bed?"

BEST LINE 2ND RUNNER UP: "I can't believe we had to bleep would have made such a nice moment."

Ep 5 had me on the floor...when they first started doing it, I thought the whole thing of George and his surrogate (Bob Einstein) was weird but it's growing on me and this episode used to it to maximum advantage. Love that Buster is finally bonding with his brother Gob as George. So a green card marriage for Michael and Rita? Well, maybe he'll finally get laid and let George Michael breathe for awhile. Tobias as the Mole and George Michael in the jet pack were hysterical, as was the instructional video for the jet pack.

BEST LINE: "Larry never really knew how to sell the sarcasm."

BEST LINE RUNNER UP: Let's start with our misdemeanors and move straight on through to the treasons."

Loving this show

OK, just finished ep 6 and I'm a bit confused about this Rita character played by Charlize Theron. Originally, I thought she was just pretending to act retarded in order to get closer to Michael, but now it seems like she actually is mentally challenged, which, for some reason, isn't nearly as funny as her pretending to be. For some reason, I still want her and Michael together because Michael really needs to get laid. I loved when Dave Thomas was talking about Rita's past and they flashed that shot of Theron in Monster on the screen. Also loved when George fired his surrogate.

BEST LINE: "The Ocean Walker...Holy Crap, that's going to look great on a hat."

BEST LINE RUNNER UP: "Go ahead and whip out that tiny teddy, then we're going to think of a fun safe word."

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Piece of advice, stop at the final episode of Season 3, it gets bad after that. Season 3 has a proper ending I won't say.
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Just watched ep 7....I don't know what it is about the late James Lipton as the warden. This guy clearly knows nothing about acting and some of his line readings are downright bizarre, but he's hysterical. Every moment he has onscreen is gold. Loved the little kids acting out his play "New Warden" too.

BEST LINE: "I really want to cry right now, but I don't think I can spare the moisture."

Just watched ep 8...loved the dueling banana stands and how adorable was George Michael in that banana suit? It was fun seeing Michael and Gob find some mutual ground and so was Tobias coming on to Bob Lob law (Scott Baio)

BEST LINE: "If I know your uncle, they're at least strippers."

Ep 9 was a riot...the Richter quintuplets were brilliant. Loved Michael's speech at the Save Our Bluths fund raiser and I felt terrible when George Michael finally confessed about his feelings for Maebe and it fell on deaf ears.

Eps 10 and 11 were pretty was great to see George Michael finally get the kiss from Maebe that he's been fantasizing about since season 1. Sadly, you just know that Michael's going to ruin it for his son when he learns that George Michael is married. Loved the secret room with the bodybuilder magazines and the hot gay fake priest too. Judge Reinhold was funny as hell too.

Ep 12 had its moments...loved the "faker" nurse and how fun was it to see Gary Cole pop up as the CIA agent...God, is there any actor who did more television work in the 2010's than Gary Cole? Nice to see George Michael and Maebe get a little closer. The way the Bluth family got out of all their legal troubles was a little pat, but this storyline was burying the Bluths in a storyline that would be hard to dig them out of.

BEST LINE: "Well, wineonly turns into alcohol if you let it sit."

BEST LINE RUNNER UP: "Take Condaleeza Rice Lane! It's quicker!"

Just finished the season 3 finale...the reveal that Lindsey is adopted is just so bizarre to me. It took three seasons for this to come to light? How is she supposed to be adopted and be Michael's twin? At some point during their childhood, something should have happened that would reveal Lindsey's true paternity. And how sick is it that she's been secretly in love with Michael all these years? I knew the second Michael mentioned to the family that they had the option of selling their stock in the company that every one of them would want to. Michael Cera stole every scene he was in as he continued to get jerked around about whether or not he's related to Maeby. Loved Michael's speech on the Queen Mary too.

Just watched the season 4 opener which was just plain weird. Was there a large gap of time between the filming of seasons 3 and 4 because it seemed like they were recapping everything that happened during the first three seasons. Characters were introduced to us like we had no idea who these people were and each intro was followed by a mini-flashback of each character through those first three seasons. And that whole thing of Michael living in the dorm with his son was beyond bizarre. What would make Michael think that his son would be cool with that? But now that I think about it, Michael has bene established as the moral and intellectual center of his family, but all of his sense just seems to go out the window where George Michael is concerned. I don't get it. I was warned that after season 3 the quality of the show diminishes and if the 4th season opener is any indication, I don't know how much more I'm going to be watching.

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