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Arrested Development Appreciation Thread


Let's try to be broad-minded about this
So i searched and didn't find any thread for me to post this hilarious Arrested Development related youtube video that i've discovered and it is my favorite show ever so i think it deserved a thread for all the love to marinate

"Yeah i can definitely see myself marinating a chicken in that"

There is bad language! in this video!

Let's try to be broad-minded about this
Nooo i refuse to let this thread and that hilarious video disappear into the depths of a sub-forum!!

Welcome to the human race...
It's one of my favourite shows. A little annoyed by how much my brother quotes it, though.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

Like the guy wearing the 3000 dollar suit is going to post in the thread for a guy who doesn’t make that in a month… COME ON!

Ep 10 had me on the floor...loved George's elaborate lessons to his kids with the assist from the one armed man. Lindsey punishing Maeby..."I punish thee". I'm glad George Michael finally confessed to his dad about his feelings for Maeby...that little bit of honesty just might loosen up the stick in his ass. Michel Cera scored with one brilliant piece of physical business when Michael asked George Michael to close the book...loved as he was taking his finger out of the book, you could actually see him trying to memorize where his finger was. Will Arnett looked hot in that cop uniform.

Just watched ep 11...I love the relationship between Michael and George Michael and that PR girl Jessie was wrong to try and come between them, but let's face it, Michael REALLY needs to get laid. Loved the two restaurant brawls too.

Ep 12 was weird...I really didn't get that whole Tobias moving in with George Michael and Lindsey moving in with Maeby thing. Michael is really messing this thing up with Marta and I think throwing Buster into that mess is a bit much. Carl Weathers is such an odd addition to the show but it seems to be working.

Just watched ep 13...good to see Henry Winkler back and I'm glad this Marta thing is over because throwing Buster into the mix didn't work...he was much more interesting with the two Lucilles. And how sweet of George Michael to contain his lust for Maeby when he he found out how she felt about the family? Lindsey and Toby suddenly wanting to make their marriage work seemed to come out of nowhere, but I'm going with it, even though every instinct in my gut tells me Tobias is gay.

Ep 14 was funny as hell...I'm curious as to why the writers continue to crap all over poor George Michael. This kid really deserves a break. I really liked the chemistry between Jason Bateman and Heather Graham, but I'm beginning to get the sense that a permanent romantic interest for Michael might never be.

Joe and Buster on a construction site had be the funniest part of ep15, though I did enjoy Buster's meltdown in the copy room. Loved Lucille driving to the construction site to get Lupe to help her with her groceries. And is it possible that Tobias might finally find his inner gay in jail?

Julia Louis Dreyfuss' blind lawyer was definitely the highlight of ep 16...I loved when her dog Justice was chasing people around the park. Maeby's charity scam was genius. It's also time for George (Jeffrey Tambor) to get out of jail.

Ep 17 had me on the floor, maybe the funniest episode so far. I wasn't really surprised by the reveal that Maggie wasn't really blind, but the way it was revealed was BRILLIANT! I loved Michael trying to walk in Maggie's shoes being led around by Justice. I actually had a feeling that Joe's new wife was going to be played by Will's real wife, Amy Poehler and Tobias trying to escape from Maggie was fall on the floor funny.

BEST LINE: "We had begun to establish some trust...except for all the lies."

Ep 18 had way too much Judy Greer, an actress I've always found annoying. I was intrigued by George's reveal that he has a twin brother, I hope we get to meet him at some poi\nt. The idea of George Michael becoming fascinated with Joe is interesting because Joe is such an idiot. That Lucille is an expert on doing her dirt on the DL. Loved Tobias becoming King at the prison.

BEST LINE: "Isn't he handy? And he goes with everything!"

Ep 19 was dumb...the first ep that didn't get a single out loud laugh from me. I don't know what went wrong, but there was just nothing funny here. No show is perfect, but I did get through 18 episodes before stumbling across a dud.

I guess ep 19 was just a bad dream because ep 20 was back on track...Michael and the whistles at the board meeting was a riot. Only Lindsey would ask for money to have an affair...her wet-shirt protest dance had me on the floor. I guess I didn't have to wait as long as I thought to meet George's brother, love the fact that he also has a past with Evelyn. Can't wait for George and Oscar to do a scene together. Does Tobias ever actually hear what's coming out of his mouth? Ever?

Ep 21 had me on the floor...the "Bring your Daughter to Work" motif was absolutely brilliant and utilized to maximum effect. Especially loved the prison guard's daughter..."No touching." Did I miss something? When did the Korean kid start speaking full sentences? Buster's visit to Uncle Oscar and the subsequent soccer game were hysterical. Still can't wait for a face to face scene between George and Oscar. Where did Maeby's resentment of Michael come from? I don't remember her being so nasty to him before this episode. George Michael's sense of humor about Bring Your Daughter to Work" day was very funny. Michael Cera is one of the most underrated actors on this show. And is it just me, or did Portia di Rossi make a really hot looking brunette?

BEST LINE: "It's shoplifting and I'm white...I think I'm going to be okay."

Just finished the near brilliant and hysterical finale to season one...loved the "No footage found" cutaways. Again, I think I missed something somewhere because this was the first episode where I realized Maeby might be more interested in George Michael than I realized. Speaking of George Michael, I loved that moment when he told his father how much he loves his family. Gob (and I have to apologize, I just realized his name was Gob, not Joe) has got to be the dumbest television character in the history of television. I still can't believe Toby hasn't gotten a clue yet. It's also odd that no one has ever said anything to him about it either. Loving the sibling rivalry between Buster and the Korean kid and the final bit of George being :"lost" was a little predictable but funny. George's escape pretty much guarantees more appearances from Oscar. And I hope this is the last we've seen of Judy Greer.

Just watched the season 2 opener...hate the fact that Michael could be implicated his father's actions. He doesn't deserve that. Loved George pretending to be Oscar and I hope we don't have to wait all season for the official reveal that Buster is Oscar's son. I loved the cops jumping all over Oscar time they saw him and that doctor who doesn't know how to deliver health news is a riot. I thought Gob was the family's dumbest member, but I'm beginning to think Tobias deserves that title. This guy is clueless.