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News in along with Wonder Woman and either Robin or Nightwing and the likes possibly making a show in Batman Vs Superman...

Rumours are still doing the rounds that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be Nightwing.

The Flash is pencilled in for a 2016 release in cinemas ands will tie in with MOS and Bat Vs Supe.

Green Arrow is supposedly in the works. Rumours are abound with TV shows or even a separate film that will tie in with Man Od Steel and Bat Vs the same vein as Hulk/Thor/Craptain America/Iron Man do with each other.

Batgirl has been spotted with conceptual artist's drawings too on Twitter. The designers say it isn't for Bat Vs Supes... so what Batgirl's role will be and when/if is yet to be confirmed.

Aquaman though is the biggie. Warner want Aquaman to be the next big project after Bat Vs Supes. Not sure how this will work though if Bat Vs Supes is in for 2015 and The Flash is pencilled in for 2016.
It'll give them less than a year to pen the script, get budgets together, shoot and release the film.

Personally, I want The Flash to show up before Aquaman does. If anything, I could live without Aquaman completely.
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If they stick to the comics Aquaman or the very least Aquaman from the Justice League cartoon I am all for a movie. If the makers of the movie try to do something ala the Superfriends I will find the jackass in charge, and shoot him in the d!ck.

I'd still like to see The Flash though.

Next to Superman and Batman, he's my fave DC Superhero.

Supes, Batpants and The Flash... have those 3 in a film and I'll be happy. Of course, if The Flash is in there, they'd have to have Reverse Flash involved.

What makes me wonder is if they'll have the original Flash Jay Garrick or if they'll use the second flash which most people are used to called Barry Allen.

I like the team they had in the animated show. But at the least they should have Batman, Superman, and the Flash (as Rodent said). I really don't want the Reynolds GL, but I guess he's needed. Wonder Woman is also a good possibility.

What do you the guys think the plot should be? Which villain would be perfect for the first JL movie?
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There's so many enemies to choose from.

The regulars like Joker and Luthor are kind of a given. they'll show up at some point no doubt.
Maybe even pave the way for The Injustice League too.

Edit... I made a booboo.

Darkseid though would be awesome...

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The Joker seems unlikely to me so soon after TDK. Ledger left some pretty big shoes to fill and I doubt many people would react favorably to a new Joker this quickly, no matter how good the performance is. Would the Joker even work in a JL movie anyway? Lex Luthor might be able to rig up various inventions to defeat the League members but wouldn’t characters like Green Lantern, Superman, or Wonder Woman flatten the likes of Bane or the Joker?
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Yeah, a villain like Darkseid would be a real threat.

I mean, what I can't get my head round is how they'll do a Batman Vs Superman film using the realistic edge they're trying to portray.

Man Of Steel was based on the same as The Dark Knight Trilogy: If this was real, how would it be, how would it look? Etc.

Supes Vs Batpants in a real world? The Supes that was portrayed in Man Of Steel wouldn't even need to try.
Unless Batman has access to Kryptonite. But Goyer and the guys said Kryptonite wouldn't show up in the new Superman movies.

They really need a super villain though, rather than just a brainy villain like Joker or Luthor if they're going to go up against The Justice League.
Luthor and Joker I still say are in the cards at some point though.

Starro was the first one they ever faced though, so maybe they'll have him as the first cinematic enemy.

Maybe team Starro up with Brainiac and Darkseid for a team vs team rumble.

Superman, Batman, The Flash and The Green Lantern... Vs... Starro, Brainiac, Darkseid and Luthor.

If they intend to do sequels for the first Justice League movie it would be a huge mistake to go Darkseid right out the gate. Start smaller then go Darkseid for the third film.

They should have done that with Man Of Steel... but they didn't.

Krypton's history, Clark travelling the world, Supes and Lois falling in love, battle with Zod, defeating Zod... all in one film.

Young Skywalker. Missed you, I have...
I am excited for this movie. I think everyone knows how I felt about The Green Lantern. I enjoyed Man of Steel as well so I think I will like it.
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Man of Steel is really a perspective movie. The two sides of the argument see the movie through a different POV. AT least that's what Nostalgia Critic says.

The real problem with this is WB's lack of patience.

Look at how Marvel rolled out all the major characters over the course of a number of individual movies, so when it came together in Avengers exposition and backstory were out of the way for the most part.

Unfortunately WB don't have the patience for this and wont risk launcing a WW, Flash movie first, so the JLA film due after Bats vs Supes is going to have a LOT of ground to cover in 2 hours.

Its oddly ironic as WB/DCs main characters are debatably stronger than Marvels too.
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Great point. I also mentioned that before. To be honest, a huge problem is actually Nolan's trilogy, which was great for the Batman franchise (pretty much a revival), but really held the opportunity of a JL movie back, since it is a more realistic take.

I think Green Lantern was supposed to be the first movie to set up JL, but it sucked big time, so I dunno if DC is gonna stick with it. Basically, they're moving at a snail's pace, yet they've set such a ridiculous deadline for the JL movie.

Bumping the thread... there's been some news...

He's gone from Spider-Man's nemesis J Jonah Jameson to Batman's ally Commissioner Gordon.

JK Simmons is going to appear...

They've nabbed another Raimi Spider-Man actor for Justice League. Simmons obviously going from Jameson to Commissioner Gordon...

... and now Willem Dafoe (Raimi's Green Goblin) is playing a "mystery" character... but reports are it's a good guy and not a villain.