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[quote=Tazz;391205]Your in luck, in January 2008, Justin Hartley is returning as the Green Arrow along side with Alaina Huffman as Black Canary in the episode Siren. No word on Zatanna yet, but that would be an interesting character on Smallville.

As for Wonder Woman, she is the only female among the original seven unlike in the cartoons where they added hawkgirl.

Victoria Hill who's up for the lead role has a striking resemblance to Alex Ross' verison of Wonder Woman.

Victoria Hill

Alex Ross' Wonder Woman

wow she looks like the real wonderwoman!

Yeah I wrote the DC post before my bro told me bout the Brand New Day stuff. Y'know what? I don't like it. It makes me grrrrrr . . . . .
But I dislike it much less than most of the rest of the True Believers do. The lazy storytelling aside I think we could argue for days bout which was weakereal with the devil or wall-punch majigger!

I don't really mind about the Winter Soldier thing as much cuz I wasn't around when Bucky died, so what evs
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Ya, i heard they were casting young too and that the casting would be completed by the end of November but that might just be a load of crap. Anyways, they're just using the original seven members that created the league. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, The Flash, and Green Latern (i heard they're gonna use John Stewart instead of the original Hal Jordan)
contrary to popular belief superman was not a founding member in the JLA. It was headed by the GL and consited of aquaman, the flash, martian manhunter, and black canary (with an invitation later extended to the green arrow.)

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This is just a random question, Im a huge comic book fan but I have never been able to relate to superman enough to be a fan.

As fans yourself could you tell me what draws you to the character?

Superman is invincible.He's basically a God even though his story-arc more closely ties in with Jesus.He's an alien, yet he embodies all the best parts of humanity.He's totally alone and in all fairness he should be more messed up than Batman, but instead is one of the most noble of all heroes.

He could rule the world, yet he chooses to save it instead.

I've been rewatching JL Animated.

I want this movie now.

Looks like the Avengers/Justice League race is still on.

I am the man of constant sorrow
Superman is invincible.He's basically a God even though his story-arc more closely ties in with Jesus.He's an alien, yet he embodies all the best parts of humanity.He's totally alone and in all fairness he should be more messed up than Batman, but instead is one of the most noble of all heroes.

He could rule the world, yet he chooses to save it
Thats a bloody good response, he was the original and im grateful that without supes non of my faves would be around.Its just annoying that I cant find him ineresting.

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Wow this thread started in 2007 and now a release date of 2015-16, that is a long time for a film to be in the works.

Justice League coming in 2015?

Nov 11, 2011

Weíve all heard that WB/DC Entertainment Inc. are pushing for a live-action Justice League of America film (here), and was tentatively scheduled for 2013. However, itís quite obvious that date wonít be happening, but sources are telling Cosmic Book News the film has been pushed for 2015 or 2016. DC Entertainment Inc. CCO Geoff Johns is said to be creating a treatment with David Goyer the most wanted to pen the script. Itís also said the film will be part of a shared universe, contrary to previous reports (here).
The reason for the delay is because the studio is wanting to get the film right. Also, the studio is wanting to get another Superman and Green Lantern film out before JLA. While a sequel to Zack Snyderís Man of Steel is probably likely, a Green Lantern sequel is said to still be up in the air. But if they plan to build up to JLA like Marvel has done with The Avengers, then we should be hearing more about a Wonder Woman and The Flash film soon. But itís unknown if WB wants to build up to this film, or build off to solo films afterwards. However, this is all a rumor as of right now.

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who just wants a Green Lantern movie?

i remember that maybe Jack Black was going to play him in a spoof or just a super hero comedy but got bad fan reactions when it was announced and got canceled...any body else hear that?

but yeah Green Lantern movie

Hmmmm, I am just wondering if you are regretting this post.

Forward: I was a DC collector for over 15 years. I still try to keep up with what's going on in the DC universe. I feel at least a tiny bit qualified talking about a JLA movie.

This is never going to happen.

However, if it does it won't involve the cast of people playing the characters in the current films. Christian Bale, for example, won't be Batman in JLA.

Also, if it does happen it will suck something terrible. The only decent DC films right now are Nolan's Batman films and they only just barely feel like Batman.

Don't bother, DC, we're not impressed.

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^ if they even wanted to use the cast from the current films I don't see how they could afford it, all of those in one movie would cost a fortune.

^ thats why the rumours said its coming in 2025 or something.
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Wow this thread started in 2007 and now a release date of 2015-16, that is a long time for a film to be in the works.
Not really considering the last effort

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with the avengers setting up a huuuge bar .. justice league must have to be Effing Awsome :P

Some extra news on JLA... I posted in Man Of Steel thread that the new Supe won't be part of a movie tie-in with The Justice League... but found this which was posted 2 days ago

One piece of the news is already wrong though, with not being sure about Cavill's part in the film, but the rest is interesting.
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Ok... more news in...

... Man Of Steel is probably going to be tied in with Justice League after all. Snyder has hinted that for Justice League to work they need Cavill as Superman.

More rumours in: Warner have possibly, maybe, hinted at Joseph Gordon Levitt as a possible Batman in Justice League as well.
If Justice League is based about a decade after TDKR, it'll give Levitt's John Blake enough experience to be able to stand side by side with Henry Cavill's Superman.

^^I kind of like the Nolan movies standing on their own. DC can't seem to get any of their characters right anyway. Green Lantern was a movie I was looking forward to until I saw they cast Ryan Reynolds for some reason, the guy just plays himself in every movie he is in and is nothing like Hal Jordan.

Before they try to make a JL movie they should make some stand a lone films and do them right, then they can start talking about JL.
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Here are my thoughts on what WB should have done with JL. Thinking outside the box here.

Maybe the new Superman will be awesome, it probably will with Nolan producing. But I thought they should have been daring and started with a JL movie first. You could create and define the world that these superheros would live in. Then go do each individual movie after and set up the big bang for their buck with JL2. You could make each individual superhero movie in effect a prequel to the JL movie. Do the origin, yada yada, then show how they got connected with the JL.

What this does first and foremost for WB's sake, at least I think, is separate Nolan's batman from the JL one. Which is important in WB's eyes because they can then reboot batman in JL's world, which equals $$ to them. We would accept batman in the JL world and make it easier to separate it from Nolan's in future stand alone batman flicks. It also shows they are not blatantly copying Marvels blueprint, which has to stand for something right?

Now WB might not make as much money off the first JL movie as Marvel did with the first Avengers. But they would still make a profit everyone would want to see it. And if they made a good enough first JL and built off it with well done individual movies, they would see a huge payday for JL2.

Anyways that would be my game plan if I were in charge. What ya'll think? Stupid? Brilliant? or just meh.
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I really can't see a JL movie being anything other than a disaster. How do you make a movie with Batman in it considering Nolan's universe? It just doesn't really make sense since they obviously won't retain the proper actors for film (like Christian Bale).

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I'd rather not see this if it can't be done correctly, and I feel like DC films have NEVER been done correctly. The first two Nolan Batman films are good, but they in no way capture what I've always liked about the Batman comic books, and the third is just a nightmare of crap plotting, pacing, and scripting. I'm willing to give The Man of Steel a chance, but the tone is so off, I worry. It's so...angsty. Superman does NOT need to be angsty. Neither does Batman for that matter, but it was a success, so DC is running with it. I actually enjoyed Green Lantern (maybe one of the few who did), but it's flaws are very evident. It was micromanaged by the studio, the lead was not well cast, and there did NOT need to be that much CGI. But it was FUN. Thats the part I did like. It was fun, I could eat my popcorn and enjoy some slightly corny super heroics. Marvel Studios, of course, has cornered this market. All of their films are just fun, pulp adventures. Serious, but not dour or angsty. This is the tone needed for Justice League to actually work, I think.

I would say jettison the "Nolan-verse" into space and leave it far behind, make the films fun and then DC can make some headway into the super hero film market.
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