Why did the martians attack in "Mars Attacks"(1996) ?


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If you watched the film "Mars Attacks", you know what happened in it.
The Aliens came to earth en masse with many of their saucers, landed to meet the humans of earth, and after saying through a translator "we come in peace", the martians saw and shot a bird. then they started shooting up the whole crowd. Later the Martians apologized for the slaughter, and went to speak to congress. There they shot up the congress members and escaped.

Later the martians started attacking the whole Earth, while attacking they carried a translator and saying: "Don't run, we are your friends". The martians even tricked the President into a handshake, only to kill him.

So this made me wonder, why these Aliens were behaving like this. After reading other forums, I realized that the martians were planning to attack earth all along and were using trickery and deceit to make humans let their guard down. So near the beginning of the movie, the Martians shot the bird to see if their weapons were capable of killing earth's creatures before turning the weapons on everyone else.

Other forum users suggested that the translator simply malfunctioned.
Does anyone have any other theory that could explain the Martians' behaviour ?

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"Maybe they don' like the human being?"

I've always taken it as, they hate humans, they like funny. So they toy with us

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I think that was the plan all along. Wasn't the bird released as a 'dove of peace?' By shooting it down that was a clear indicator for what they were doing.

It's been a minute since I've watched the film. but I don't remember a specific reason as to WHY they were attacking. I just remember the running joke was that they kept saying that they were coming in peace and then destroying anything in their path.