90s movie with girls in a prison or institution


I was hoping you guys could help me out with the title to a movie. All I remember is its about two teen girls that are trouble makers. I think one of the girls kills someone. I think they go to prison or a mental institution. I think they eventually fall in love and write each other letters. It has to be a 90's movie. I'm sorry that's all I remember.

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This isn't quite your description but overlaps some. Fits time frame and has the character writing letters from prison.

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Thanks for your replies! It's not any of the movies you guys have suggested. I will preview them again just to make sure. I know my description is very vague. I will try to remember some more details.

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I will second Mark's entry - Heavenly Creatures.
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Heavenly creatures is really close but I think I remember it being based in the USA. It might not be a 90's movie. Man I really want to know what this movie is. My uncle rented it from a video store when I was maybe 9 or 10 years old. That was in '96/'97. Thanks for trying guys!

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Heavenly Creatures was set in New Zealand, based on a true story. If you saw it when you were 9 or 10, you might not have understood it wasn't set in the United States.