Terrorists brainwash Christian youth


Dear friends
I am here in search of a movie which i saw ten years back in zee studio
I believe the movie was in french or something.
The plot of the movie is something like below.
The movie starts with few terrorists brainwashes a Christian youth named john and converts him to islam. He was then given name as Muhammed. He was assigned with the task of exploding a train through suicide bombing. The terrorist leader belongs to Algeria or iran. He is staying out of the country somewhere. The cops knew thathe is planning something nasty. But the cops are not having exact idea.
To identify the terrorist plan, the police departments plots a plan and decides to find a call girl to do the job.they finds a suitable girl and a
a young police officer approaches her and she fell in love with in him. another senior police officer who acts as father dislike their relationship and sets a condition that he is working in police department and they requirea help from her. They explain her that she needs to bring in the terrorist leader to their country and she haveto identify the terrorist's plan.before leaving, she eas given certain tasks by the police departments. In one task she just vanishes in the crowds in a railway station by changing her looks in minutes.
She somehow manages to reach the terrorist leader. While they both having a chat in a restaurant few people circles them and and started calling her for the night. The terrorist Leader realizes that she is a call girm amd his doubts just vanishes. She secures the password of his cupboard and identifies their plan and helps the police to arrest the terrorist leader while he lands in the airport. She then runs to the railway station and boards the train in which Muhammed has boarded with bombs in his bag. Before he could time the swith of the bomb, she push him out of the train.he was the arrested and sentensed to jain.
This movies is done in reverse sequence. The climax is the key for joining the scenes in order

I request you to kindly provide me the name of this movie.
Thanks and regards
Kerala, india

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