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Do You Like the New Look?


Yes, @Yoda, I like your new look. Now you're skinnier than you used to be and that's some sexy beard you got.
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Genius of the restoration...
This is about a month into the site's history. Note the aforementioned popcorn buckets:

This is a little over a year into the site's history, after our first major redesign:

And this is a little under two years into the site's history. Updated the popcorn buckets, but stuck with the same general concept. We kept this general layout for something like 11-12 years.

I remember the "old" design. Say old, the newer of the 3
Haven't been around long enough to have seen the other two.

MoFo has always been pretty slick, even when it was the standard forum layout/design that's seen on every other forum.

Took a bit of getting used to on the changeover, especially the aesthetic of the white pages for posts, but definitely prefer the design it is now.
Not seen another forum like this at all. Every other forum is the same, using the 3rd style ^^ that MoFo used to have or they use something that looks like a blog with everyone posting on the same page for everything.