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Just a few things I should've mentioned apologies for not doing so!

If you're going to discuss any movie made within even the last 5 years, please don't give anything away...if you really want to, put this in the beginning of the title:


Also, if you wish to post a poll (just click the "New Poll" button!), please use this format:


That's all for now...just want everything to be straightforward. My fault for not mentioning this eariler!

Please direct all complaints to Steve.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Not you're fault, you wouldn't have to mention it if people would just think before they speak.. err post.

I suppose I am the fool of the day

Not at all - I don't want to come down on anyone - your post just reminded me to inform everyone that sense it was basically a good thing. No one's upset I'm sure.

I hope you'll stick around! I installed the Poll Hack yesterday so if you feel the need you can let people vote for whether or not they hate you - but I'm sure the results would be favorable.

Thanks for posting!