Actors where you haven't liked a single movie of theirs


But Vin Diesel was The Iron Giant!!! (And the Rock was was Maui in Moana!)

I honestly can't think of any myself. There are actors I don't like generally, but for each of them I can think of at least one movie they were in where I liked the film.
Well I did like The Iron Giant. I didn't know Vin Diesel was the Iron Giant. So I stand corrected But haven't seen Moana yet.

Harold Lloyd - I'm not a guy that hates silents but of all the silents I've seen from Lloyd I don't think I enjoyed a single one of them.

Bob Hope - Haven't seen a lot of Hope films but the ones I've seen I've found them unwatchable

Bill Cosby - Doesn't have the resume as Hope and Lloyd but most of his movies are absolute garbage.

Elvis - The rare case where I haven't seen a great Elvis film or a great film about Elvis