RIP Kevin Conroy - the voice of Batman


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Actor Kevin Conroy died yesterday at the age of 66 after a battle with cancer.

He earned a full scholarship to Julliard in 1973 where he was roommates with Robin Williams.

Although he had started out his career as a theatrical and television actor throughout the 80's, appearing on Cheers, Another World, and numerous made for TV movies, he transitioned to voiceover acting in 1992 when he was cast as the lead in Batman The Animated Series.

Although Conroy performed other voice roles over the years, he reprised his role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in television shows, movies, and video games, appearing in over three hundred episodes/titles.
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Oh no!

Batman TAS was one of the best cartoon series ever produced - and out of all the movies and other media, it gave us probably the most definitive Batman ever placed on film. Kevin was a major part of establishing this definitive Batman that most of us came to think of as the one true Batman. No matter who's playing him, in our hearts and in our heads, Kevin Conroy will always be the voice of Batman.

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Oh no. I loved him as the gruff voice in Batman TAS which imo was the best animated and possibly live action version of the caped crusader ever portrayed. RIP to the true dark knight.
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Sad to hear of his passing. I loved his voice as Batman on the animated series. His was the definitive voice of Batman, even surpassing the films, IMO. Godspeed, Kevin.
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I loved his voice in Batman. sad to hear of his death