Rare oddity with Secret Window


~ This post contains spoilers FYI ~
I have a question about Secret Window.
The first time I saw it (on a rented DVD) the scene where he had just left the post office seems different now compared to all the other times I saw the movie. Rainey looked straight into the camera (at the viewing audience) and asked us all the question, ďWell, what do YOU think?Ē This was the beginning of the twist reveal. No other time that Iíve seen this has it ever shown this version of this scene (of him in his vehicle). I mean it definitely shows him in his vehicle, but it always cuts away and jumps forward to the next scene ó- without showing him addressing the audience. Itís as if this section of the movie seems to have been later removed.?Has anyone else ever seen this version, and/or do you know where I can buy this DVD version? Thanks.

Because itís a stupid question. Someone would have responded by now if it was an intelligent question.
I don't think it's stupid (or that the lack of a response makes it stupid). Actually, kinda the opposite: I think people are more likely to respond to stupid questions to call them stupid!

Sometimes people just don't respond. Or don't respond right away. We've had questions answered years later.

There is an alternative version, Secret Window, so maybe you saw that one and it has other differences than the general release.

Yes, I believe you're right. Since it was the first time I saw it, I wouldn't have necessarily known that it was different from the "original".

I had nothing to compare it to.