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That actually depends on who you ask. The filmed version of Hamilton received two Golden Globe nominations, including Best Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical).
I’m asking me and I say it’s not a movie. I’m not watching Hamilton either.

So what about Spielberg's WSS?
Haven’t seen it and can’t say I have any desire to. The rantings of a certain MoFo Wacko have given me negative associations with it that go beyond it just being a musical.

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Without even clicking the link to the identity of the wacko, I already know whom she refers to.

I remember him going full tilt over the recent remake

I would say of those two (The Pirate and Summer Stock), The Pirate is more entertaining and might be better for someone who doesn't enjoy musicals. The "Nina" number is excellent and sooo delightfully scoundrel-ly and devilish, the "Be a Clown" number is just spectacular with the Nicholas Brothers, the "Mack the Black" number with Judy Garland is endlessly catchy and mesmerizing, oh and The Pirate ballet is probably Gene Kelly at his most athletic and insanely creative.

The Pirate is a silly almost parody of musicals in general and also of the Erol Flynn swashbuckling films of the prior decade to its release. The Pirate is tongue and cheek and probably every bit as "fun" if not moreso than Singin' in the Rain. It also moves at an insane breakneck pace and is entirely a kinetic push constant forward moving film. I absolutely love it and yes, spoiler alert... it's in my top 10 of the upcoming MoFo musical lists.

I'd give The Pirate a try if you can dig it up. I have no clue why it isn't more universally loved and treasured. The colors pop off the screen and the direction is great with Vincente Minnelli at the helm. I imagine it might not be taken as seriously as something like Singin' in the Rain or An American in Paris because it is a silly romp and slapstick and deals with... wait for it... pirates, so because of its subject matter it may not be seen as high brow for serious critics, but it's as well crafted as any musical ever made while charmingly poking fun of multiple film genres and conventions. I'd watch it, but it's your choice and your loss if you don't. But it's a film that is well alive in my mind and soul.

You made me want to see it.

And now back to what this thread is actually about (which is, you know, movies that I am watching for this countdown)...

Muppet Treasure Island
(Brian Hensen, 1996)

My best friend is absolutely obsessed with pirates and, despite hating musicals even more than I do, Muppet Treasure Island has long been one of her favorite movies. Because of this, I have long been familiar with the music from this movie (I made the mistake of buying her the soundtrack CD as a Christmas gift and was subsequently subjected to it for years every time I rode in her car) but I'd never actually seen the movie. I decided to remedy that tonight.

And now that I've seen it... as kid's fare goes it's not bad. I really liked the rats (as I tend to do). Tim Curry was very good in it (as Tim Curry tends to be). The antics of its characters made me chuckle a surprising number of times and - as long as that damn kid wasn't singing - I didn't mind the songs. All in all, it's mildly amusing though I don't know if that will be enough for it to snag a spot on my ballot. Either way I think I'll stick with Follow That Bird if I'm wanting a Muppet fix in the future.

8 Femmes is probably one of the very best musicals of the 21st century

I thought you liked animated movies made in the CGI era?

It's almost universally considered a masterpiece, so I'm a bit taken aback, but I'm completely hooked on this topic now, so will stick around.
I LOVE animated movies (CG, traditional, stop motion - love it all) but that doesn't mean that I love all animated movies. I don't typically like princess movies and I don't typically like musicals, even animated ones. Even as a little girl I wasn't into princesses. I found this particular animated princess musical really annoying. The situation was not at all helped by the fact that one of my friends who I see frequently has children who were absolutely OBSESSED with Frozen back in the day and would belt out "Let It Go" ad nauseum in their horrible little kid voices.

8 Femmes is probably one of the very best musicals of the 21st century

You're fairly new here and in the last several months I haven't been nearly as active on this forum as I once was and we haven't had a lot of (any?) interaction prior to today. So I can understand having trouble finding a movie that might interest me (nevermind finding one that I might actually like, even MoFos who've known me for many years have a lot of trouble with that) so I won't hold this mistake against you, but a movie called 8 Femmes is not one that's likely going to appeal to me. I generally avoid any movie that appears to be what I would call "estrogen soaked" so I think I'll pass on this one.

You like Tim Curry?
I mean, I wouldn't call myself a fan but I've enjoyed the performances I've seen from him.

Have you seen Legend? It's wonderfully horrible in ever so many delightfully terrible ways!
That's also one of my best friend's favorite movies, but I really dislike heavy fantasy so I've avoided it.

Also, Rocky Horror? It's a musical, but has Tim Curry in it.
Yes, I've seen it. I saw it once when I was a teenager and watched it again in the lead up to the 70s Countdown. I think I even voted for it that time, but then I dislike most 70s movies I've seen so trying to get to 25 movies took some stretching. Anyway, I thought Curry's performance in it was phenomenal, but didn't really like anything else about it. I have no plans to rewatch it again or to vote for it this time.

What about the most recent version of Annie? Everybody loves Annie!!

Have you watched Matilda?

Have you watched Matilda?
No, and I’m not going to.

Here’s a hint:
…one of my friends who I see frequently has children who were absolutely OBSESSED with Frozen back in the day and would belt out "Let It Go" ad nauseum in their horrible little kid voices.
…and - as long as that damn kid wasn't singing - I didn't mind the songs.

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I know you’re kidding but I think I’d rather take a bullet to the head than watch that.
Paint Your Wagon is actually in my top 25. It's genuinely funny and I enjoy this comedic turn of Lee Marvin, even more than his Oscar winning Cat Ballou. His "Wanderin' Star" number is both heartbreaking and great with all the imperfections of Lee Marvin singing and not bring dubbed over. Oh and of course it has Jean Seberg in it, with a role and performance that she genuinely seems happy and comfortable within.
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Paint Your Wagon is a Western Musical. You can only guess how hideous it is, MV,

My mum had the soundtrack. That's right. Pity me.

I would recommend giving Repo! a go. I certainly wouldn't say you'll love it, but I do think it's something wihich has a better chance than many others.
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