Favorite film scenes of the 2010s


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Number 1: The scenes where Satan attempts to tempt Jesus in the desert was not in Son of God. That was in the mini series only.

Number 2: The Moroccan actor who plays the devil in this movie does not look like Barack Obama enough to warrant any sort of BS controversy.

Number 3: Barack Obama is not the devil.

Number 4: This thread needs more McCounaughey and Hulk.

Spoiler free list:

1. The opening of The Turin Horse
2. The intro of Shame
3. The birth scene in Tree of Life
4. Bardem scene in To The Wonder
5. Kinky scene in Uncle Boonmee...
6. Trippin balls scene in Beyond the Black Rainbow

Vanishing Waves, Upstream Color and more...

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^ AWESOME! Definitely one of my favorite scenes of the decade too.

Two more personal favorites:

Wonderful film with a perfect ending.

Expressing alienation.
Cobpyth's Movie Log ~ 2017

Finished here. It's been fun.

I think The Social Network is one of the best films we've seen so far this decade, and it just might be Fincher's best film. It's calculated,precise,and with exceptional performances that go alongside the usual crisp Fincher direction. This is only my opinion of course.

I see some people are turning on Gravity a bit, but I think its phenomenal. Besides its such a massive technical achievement, its hard not to be impressed. Seeing the film in 3D was quite the experience.

Michael Haneke's Amour is one of the most depressing,yet touching films in recent memory. I love that it was able to show us true love, rather than this mushy-gushy B.S we see all the time. A tale of responsibility,decay, and aging. Its worth a look if you want to see a film thats very touching without being sappy.

Yes, I was moved by Les Mis


And The Artist


And to "macho" it up...


"What kind of monster are you?"

"The Wolverine." *SNIKT*

I think I've been poisoned by my constituents

And the ending of Holy Motors.

And the ending of Inside Llewyn Davis.

Or any scene with June Squibb/

And the ending of Nebraska.