Jurassic Park vs Jurassic world?


Comment your favorite and opinion about this franchise.
Which is the best Jurassic Park or Jurassic world ?

I've only seen the first Jurassic World movie so far, but in my opinion, none of the sequels have been as good as the original Jurassic Park.
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I wonder if anyone genuinely prefers Jurassic World to Jurassic Park. The law of averages dictates that somebody must, and yet...
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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The first Jurassic Park was by far the best. It came out at just the right time and was, as I recall it, instrumental in reinvigorating the interest in Dinosaurs. The experts at the time were using Stop-Motion or the newer Go-Motion and CGI was still a new technology.

There were actually going to use the Motion systems till Spielberg saw some test footage of a CGI T-Rex and then decided to use that instead. They still kept the Motion experts as they built a metal T-Rex model that they could manipulate and convert those movements into the CGI rig for the animation process that was used in the final movie.

I love Jurassic Park and dig it out a few times a year. The Lost World was watchable but a defo drop in quality but I didn't care for #3.

Jurassic World was ok but the quality again dropped after the first one.
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Jurassic Park!

Just saw Jurassic World 3 today. While it was an OK finale, this is how I compare each trilogy entry:

Park vs. World

Park is still the best of them.

This is not even close, I mean, c'mon.
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Well, it was a bot, so, give it a break.

Well, it was a bot, so, give it a break.
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Okay, the swear filter made that sound a lot angrier than it was intended.

World was just too worn, with nothing new. The plot continuity is so fragmented that it never lingers in any plot thread for more than a minute. It had nothing that make the first movie so good. Bigger dinosaurs just didn't do it.

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Bot thread?

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Most likely, but it's been banned, and some discussion has emerged from the initial question, as silly and obvious as it was. So for now, the thread remains.
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