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Who is Viju Menon?


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Who is Viju Menon?

Some people would like us to think he is just the Caped Crusaeder in MoFo disguise.

Others would have you think he is an International Man of Mystery that uses his days off to answer insanely hard movie questions.

I think Viju is like Hal and is an A.I Super Computer that does nothing but screens movies 24/7 then uses that data to answer the questions of the people beneath him.

Anyone else have any theories?
My hope is just to get a response from Viju, even a smiley would be awesome.

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I think Viju is the Master Control Program.

Umm am I missing something Am I supposed to know who this person is
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I think he's actually an Area 51 experiment in computer intelligence, they're building a super computer in a similar vien to Skynet.

To test him out and to broaden his intellectual horizons, he randomly searches the internet for questions about stuff, then searches through billions of websites for an answer, gathers all the information on said subject, and answers it for the OP.

In the process gains more information about the behavioural patterns of the human mind and a vast General Knowledge at the same time, ready for him to eventually take us over. Just like the machines do in The Matrix.
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Or maybe Viju is Tarantino, I hear he is very good with movies.
Then again, Tarantino could be an android himself.

I find his Speech pattern to be very odd, with sort of exaggerated gestures.

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A more appropriate question at this point might be where is Viju Menon? He has not been here for a while nor on the imdb message board where he would sometimes answer several movie questions a day.
It reminds me of a toilet paper on the trees
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I remember Viju Menon from the other forum - IMDB. He was wonderful man and he solved many very difficult riddles for me. I'm interested where he is now. It was unforgetable user.
I'm looking for prison movie:

never heard of him =/
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