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Any Photoshop wizards out there! Help needed!


We've gone on holiday by mistake
Could someone please take the head of the guy on the right and paste it onto the head of Jesus in the last supper picture, or could you give me instructions on how to do this? Thanks


We've gone on holiday by mistake
yeah dude, thanks.

Had to flip the Last Supper image so your friend's head would look ok. If I'd flipped the head, it wouldn't look good. Made the whole thing bigger too.

We've gone on holiday by mistake
Legendary! Cheers dude, can you tell me where I can learn to do that ****?

We've gone on holiday by mistake

We've gone on holiday by mistake
If you can be bothered how about;

Open both of those images in photoshop so that both images are in a little window each, you can see both.

Go to the picture of your friend, and using the Lasso Tool, or the Rectangular Marquis Tool, make a dotted line around his head.
Hit ctrl-C to copy. It'll copy everything inside the dotted box/circle... basically his head.

Then, go to the Last Supper picture.

Hit ctrl-V and that will then paste what you copied. It'll paste his head onto the Last Supper picture.

Using the Eraser Tool, trim around the edges of his head to remove any unwanted crap from the edges.

You should be left with just his head and hair.

Now, hit ctrl-T. This is "Free Transform" and there should be a box around his head now.
This allows you to resize his head.
Make sure, at the top in the bar full of little icons and stuff, you've clicked a little icon that looks like a chain-link, this will keep the aspect ratio of his head so it doesn't go skinny or fat, it will keep its dimensions. Resize his head.

Now, if the colours don't quite match, you can edit the contrast in the Image button then go to Adjustments... at the top left.
If you want to edit particular colours, go to Image, Adjustments, and then hit Selective Colour and it gives the option to change Reds only or Yellows only, or Blacks only... etc etc.

Then, when happy, ctrl-alt-S and save as a JPG or a BMP. BMP are bigger files and lose less of the coherency in the image. JPG tend to pick up graphical noise but are smaller files and easier to upload to things like Photobucket.

We've gone on holiday by mistake
Cheers Rodent I'll defo give it a shot. Thanks for your time and help.

Hope this will works best
=>Open Photos in Photoshop. ...
=> Select the Face You Want to Swap Into Your Image. ...
=> Improve the Selection With a Mask. ...
=> Copy and Replace the Face in the Second Photo. ...
=> Make Final Adjustments to the Face Swap.
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