MoFo Fantasy Baseball 2022 - The Season


A system of cells interlinked
Seattle's a top 10 offense so far, somehow.
That is just to spite PW!
"There’s absolutely no doubt you can be slightly better tomorrow than you are today." - JBP

That's fake news.
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

Gonna take a chance on Johnny Cueto, I looked at the math objectively and concluded with my gut hunch.

Johnny Cueto is fun to say!

Man... I've somehow weathered this horrific offensive start to at least get in the mix. But damn. Some of these guys are off to super omega epic historically bad starts! The top 2 teams in our league look really good. Hopefully we can keep them from running away with thing. The churn has begun folks!

Johnny Cueto pitches a quality start at New York vs the Yankees.

Curious who snatched up Blake Snell... Ah! but of course.

I've seen so many things written about Marcus Seimen that I may just have to stick with him out of sheer stupid blind ego. I mean, maybe if this goes on too much longer. I'll be forced to cut him. But damn. The start has been so bad! We've all seen guys have career years, cash in and then have a crap year but sheesh!

Another day...another guy over to the IL...

As long as they aren't super important. I don't mind this some time. To get new faces. Sounds silly I know.

I'd never want it it to happen, but if you've got like four guys you can feasibly start every day fighting for two spots, it can be kind of a relief.

A system of cells interlinked
As long as they aren't super important. I don't mind this some time. To get new faces. Sounds silly I know.
I end up with a guy like Drury or some prospect playing instead of someone like Kris Bryant. Not what I want to be doing!

Not me.

Nathan Eovaldi pitches a 9 inning game. Happens so infrequently nowadays it deserves mention. My pitching is where Im hurting the worst, which makes sense since I went strong on pitching during the draft . I feel this is a matter of patience on my part as by the numbers alone my weakest pitcher is Walker Buehler. So, theres alot of ball left to play, and he has plenty of time to rebound. I just need to not overreact which has been my norm, and normally I do, so normally Ive lost. I must unlearn what I have learned.

Pitching in April vs pitching in May would be one hell of a stat to look at. I was easily first in ERA and WHIP in April. Probably without a doubt dead last in May.

Pitching is relatively easy to master. If your guys don't give up any runs and average 1 to 2 k's an inning. Things get super easy. It's true. Do your research.

Turns out a local men's league plays at a field just a half-mile from my house. So I grabbed a camp chair and some snacks and watched for awhile:

Was pretty funny listening to some of the outfielders. A few of them really liked to talk. After an outside pitch for a called strike the center fielder said something like "whooo, like Bob Ross the way you're paintin'."

Then later, runner on first and a popup to 3B, guy catches it but the batter didn't even really jog to first, leading to (roughly) this:

CF: "Why didn't he drop it on purpose?"
RF: "Nah."
CF: "I'm serious, why not drop it and try for the double play?"
LF: "Shut up."

Saturday, 1:48 pm

Major League Baseball has suspended Tommy Pham for three games due to "inappropriate conduct" prior to Friday's game against the Giants.

Advice: Pham also received an undisclosed fine for his involvement in a bizarre pre-game altercation where he slapped Giants' outfielder Joc Pederson in the face over a dispute involving their fantasy football league.