A Song For October


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Not a problem, I've taken to reminding whoever hasn't voted on Day 1 as a matter of course on Day 2 anyway. All you really have to remember is 'voting also means nominating'
NomsPre-1930 Countdown

Fashionably late to every party since 1473!

Round 1

1. Girlschool - Race with the Devil
(Boasts one of those killer riffs that desperately makes me wish I could play guitar. Until recently, I was mostly only familiar with Girlschool through their associations with Motorhead, but I've been really digging their catalogue lately. Their sound is tougher than most all-girl rock groups.)

2. O. Children - Ruins
(Already knew within the first few seconds that I was going to dig this. One of the better goth tunes I've heard. Adding it to my playlist.)

3. Christine and the Queens - Doesn't Matter
(A really well constructed pop song, sonically and lyrically. Surprised by how much I enjoyed this.)

4. Fleetwood Mac - The Chain
(Since both my parents are big fans of Fleetwood, I probably heard too much of their music growing up to the point that I eventually tuned them out, but no doubt this is an all-time great song.)

5. Dusty Springfield - Spooky
(Such a sexy voice, and a seasonally appropriate nomination.)

6. Panzerfaust - The Faustian Pact
(Feels more accessible than most black metal, but it was so long that I had to deal with two separate ad breaks. WTF, YouTube? Don't you know it's extremely dangerous to interrupt a demonic incantation?)

7. John Anderson - Seminole Wind
(Hasn't Mr. Anderson received the memo? It's now "Washington Football Wind.")

8. Toto - Rosanna
(Somehow the cheesiness feels like an attribute instead of a detriment. I find it hard not to smile while listening to this song, though it does start to overstay its welcome a bit by the end.)

9. Toconoma - Relive
(Fun and danceable, but in the end it doesn't amount to more than a glorified jam session.)

10. Aseul - Fisher
(Perfect background music, which I guess is a bit of a back-handed compliment.)

11. Real Life - Send Me an Angel
(The chorus, particularly those soaring angelic background vocals, is what sinks this for me, which is strange since most of these 80's groups excelled at catchy choruses if nothing else.)

12. Joe Cocker - Edge of a Dream
(I like Cocker's voice for the most part, but this just sounds so dated and corny, like a slow-motion montage in a made-for-television 80's romance.)

13. The Mooney Suzuki - Alive & Amplified
(Sorta like listening to Greta Van Fleet when you could just listen to Led Zeppelin instead.)

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Round 1

7. John Anderson - Seminole Wind
(Hasn't Mr. Anderson received the memo? It's now "Washington Football Wind.")
This just in: John Anderson has apologized for his role in the song "Seminole Wind". The old, white, male singer claims that he's "deeply sorry" for "eliminating indigenous voices" and "voices of color". The alt-right singer also claims that he "wanted to bring attention to the plight of the Seminole peoples" but he "[realizes] now that [his/her] overzealousness to do so has caused more pain for the true and rightful owners of the Floridian lands". He will undergo racial justice training and a crucifixion to atone for the sins of his/her whiteness.

Round 1

13. The Mooney Suzuki - Alive & Amplified
(Sorta like listening to Greta Van Fleet when you could just listen to Led Zeppelin instead.)
All evidence supports the idea that this should be my thoughts on this song too, but I think the nostalgia of Madden 05 on my PS2 swayed me.

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Round 1 (but technically, 1 is pretty straight. So. Iderno.)
  1. Dusty Springfield - Spooky
    Near perfect. Smokey smooth voice and equally smooth groove. That voice against the bass and driving electric piano can play forever and never dry out. The brass and sax give it just enough sexy without crossing a line, but we all know where those flirts go. Especially once the reverb kicks in. me-yeow.
  2. Real Life - Send me an Angel
    Well, obviously. Seriously, do none of you have beating hearts?! How could you have watched the movie Rad and NOT have cried during this scene?! Yes, I expect that you have all watched this movie as part of your agreements to participate in this Song of October list. *bows head in solemn respect and honor to the lis...* WTF people?! I know it’s not Bowie, but this should be higher up in your lists!! I’m looking at you, Spaulding. Well. I’m looking at your avatar. Not currently. I’m still typing this bit. BUT I WILL AFTER I POST THIS!!!! With stern eyes….. It’s not MY #1 because of my crush on Springfield’s voice. That and I’m too humble to place my nom first. This round.
  3. Doesn't Matter - Christine and the Queens
    Nice. Intro drum kick and claps remind me of The Ting Tings' That's Not My Name (just for a second or two, though), but the voice cut right through that association. I love this voice and synth bass that creeps in a bit later. Layers keep building, keeping interest up. If the movie, Drive, was just a BIT more upbeat (like 1/10th of whatever unit of measure defines upbeat), I would expect this on that alternate reality soundtrack. The lyrics are dark enough though. Pretty good track. I kinda think Doubledemin might dig this too. Isn't he into Drive/sountrack? I feel like he and I bonded over that Raised by Wolves season chat. That thread that you didn't take part in. After starting it.... *cough* (lol, in case that's not obvious)
  4. Aseul – Fisher
    A bit slow to get in, but I’m digging it. Lovely simple chord progression the vocals just whisper around. That note she sings and drops in “come on” (or whatever the lyrics are) is just a nice subtle dissonance to break the pattern of it all. On repeat now and I can hear that in the intro. That snare though! I keep wanting to hear it drop out into a drum-and-bass break.
  5. PANZERFAUST - The Faustian Pact
    Hey. I would have loved this when I was younger. I'd say I'm an old fogey, but I guess that would mean I'd stick by my younger ways and I'll still very much love this. Hm. I'm confused now on where I stand vs. where I should stand. This song deserves contemplation. I dig that snare about 2:40 in. Nice syncopation. Song is tight though. Very clean mix. The stuff I used to listen was mostly just white noise at a point. Nice.
  6. toconoma – Relive
    lol, this is pretty fun all around. Tight. I have several friends who would have been all over this in college. Bass sits very nicely in the mix. Curious, I did a quick search and found Highwind. Nice stuff, really. Thanks for the new reference!
  7. Girlschool - Race with the Devil
    No triggers here! That will make sense in a few nom comments down. Maybe that’s due, in part, to the country of origin? I don’t know, but I will find my anchor here (again, more sense comes later in the list). Speaking of......
  8. Fleetwood Mac - The Chain
    I've never been much of a MAC fan. Well, not since the early 90s probably when Apple was innovative. Now it's just a brand wh...wait. Hey. wrong Mac. Stevie Nicks' voice always got my attention, but I guess this was part of that transitional era of music for me coming out of my dad's selection and finding my own. This was more on his side of the wall.
  9. John Anderson - Seminole Wind
    Not a country fan, but this is pretty good for the style. Looking back, this song feels out of place in its decade, considering the twang and dance vibe of other pop country of the time. I can see this being a bridge song pulling a few curious rock fans in, by way of the Chris Isaak novelty of the time. I had to look this up to see where it actually sat on release. It peaked at #2 on US Hot Country Songs, apparently. I can buy that.
  10. The Mooney Suzuki - Alive & Amplified
    Wonky video. Cute stuff with the flowers blooming on the scream. I enjoyed the intro but that chorus is grating. Everything else is a bit funky, and that's fun. Just feels a bit choppy in the changes.
  11. O. Children - Ruins
    Great music and intro, but dude's voice throws me off the trail. Bits remind me of an unmentionable title from Spiderbait, but her voice is hawt.
  12. Joe Cocker - Edge Of A Dream
    I love Joe Cocker’s voice, but sadly I’m not a fan of this particular song. I guess it’s the 80’s of it. Gimme something from the With a Little Help from My Friends album and I’m there with a Bic in the air.
  13. Toto – Rosanna
    Nope. Shame on you (you and that other cat bringing up Fleetwood Mac) for digging up my 80’s radio pop abandonment issues between me and my dad!!! lol. Ugh. There’s at least 10 per competition so I should be used to it by now, huh? One day, I suppose, I will get to a place where I can listen to these songs without flashbacks of being left with a couple of bucks in quarters by the Galaga cabinet while he goes off hitting on bartenders. Hey. This is good. This is therapy. Still a pretty groovy bass line. Seems a theme in this list. NO! I will not enjoy this. But that creepy Jets vs. Sharks Roadhouse style, homoerotic gangland dance-off near end of the video was unexpected. I really don’t remember that. Hm. I digress. Decent guitar solo. Too much perm.
Round 2 nom incoming....
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Round 2 Nom (getting there)

As I'm currently working up my personal top 100, I found a lovely and sweet sleeper of a movie that I adored when I was a kid. It doesn't at all seem a likely pick, given the cast, but for some reason it connected with me deeply. Even now, when I watch it, I get all emotional. Jason Robards brought a bit of legitimacy to the cast and, surprisingly, played well on screen with.... Feldman. Yes. That Feldman. Corey Feldman, of the infamous two Coreys.

In keeping with my 80's themed soundtrack nom, this submission sits nicely in a later scene of Dream a Little Dream. When I hear the opening guitar and that twangy little hammer-on on the fourth pick, I always have to pause to give it the respect and love this heart-breaking song is due. The movie is probably silly for most, and if you didn't grow up with it in the context of that decade, it may never reach you the way it did me. Still. It sits well with an excellent supporting soundtrack.

Otis Redding - Dreams to Remember

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
Sorry in advance for all the pinging you'll have to do for me, I'm new and busy and forgetful.

Don't feel too bad. I have to get at least 10 a day just to see an email notice to remind me to check my msgs reminding me to post my votes. Even then it's 50/50 if I remember to add my next nom. =\

All voted so without further ado.......

1st - Dusty Springfield - Spooky (135 pts)

2nd - O. Children - Ruins (121 pts)
3rd - Fleetwood Mac - The Chain (117 pts)
4th - Christine and the Queens - Doesn't Matter (107 pts)
5th - Girlschool - Race with the Devil (95 pts)
6th - John Anderson - Seminole Wind (89 pts)
7th - Toto - Rosanna (82 pts)
8th - toconoma - relive (81 pts)
8th - Real Life - Send me an Angel (81 pts)
10th - The Mooney Suzuki - Alive & Amplified (79 pts)
11th - PANZERFAUST - The Faustian Pact (77 pts)
12th - Joe Cocker - Edge Of A Dream (61 pts)
13th - Aseul - Fisher (58 pts)

Grats to hk on getting the first tune through to the Final

Round two up around half an hour...

  1. Tami Neilson - You Were Mine
    Ticks all the boxes for me, I'll be looking into her catalogue
  2. Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks - Waiting for the End
    Simple but very nicely composed and effective, another I might look into
  3. BB King - The Thrill is Gone
    Classic choon from one of the blues greats
  4. Otis Redding - Dreams to Remember
    Mellifluous tune from a soul superstar
  5. G-Schmitt - Cathedral Junky
    It's all about the bass - mixed it up just enough imo
  6. Ricky Van Shelton - Somebody Lied
    Nice vocal and I do enjoy a good downbeat country song
  7. Pastel Ghost - Clouds
    A bit like OMD with a heavy bassline - me likes
  8. Sadistik - Cotard's Syndrome
    I've no expectations with this nom, he's not always the most accessible so I expect little love
  9. Pusha T ft. Kendrick Lamar - Nosetalgia
    Decent, not listened to any Pusha T before
  10. Foals - On the Luna
    Wasn't keen at the start but it did grow on me as it went on
  11. LIVE - Lightning Crashes
    Decent but not particularly memorable for me
  12. Obscura - Emergent Evolution
    Mixed bag for me, somewhat enjoyable
  13. Focus - Hocus Pocus
    Technically it's very accompished but it's just not my type of jam really (and that's partly why)

Not quite as strong as R1 but another pretty solid round imo and again being down the order doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't at least somewhat liked.

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1 BB King - The Thrill is Gone - No fair putting songs like this in the tournament. This will bump my entry to #2 on my list.

2 Obscura - Emergent Evolution - Technical death metal that is still fairly catchy.

3 Otis Redding - Dreams to Remember - Should probably beat #2, but I will give that slot to the metal tracks today.

4 Tami Neilson - You Were Mine - Great set of pipes here. Not the most original in approach, but she kills it for what it is.

5 Foals - On the Luna - I have liked both of Yoda's tracks a lot so far. I dig this style of music quite a bit.

6 Pastel Ghost - Clouds - Love me some synths!

7 G-Schmitt - Cathedral Junky - Pretty smooth stuff.

8 LIVE - Lightning Crashes - I like this band a lot, and I saw them live multiple times in the 90s. Today, they don't resonate as much with me.

9 Pusha T ft. Kendrick Lamar - Nosetalgia - These guys are good rappers, but this track isn't one of the better ones I have heard from Pusha.

10 Focus - Hocus Pocus - Much prefer the Gary Hoey instrumental version that changes out the annoying yodeling for slick guitar lines.

11 Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks - Waiting for the End - Didn't do much for me, but I appreciate the Halloween theme.

12 Sadistik - Cotard's Syndrome - Wasn't feeling it.

13 Ricky Van Shelton - Somebody Lied - You all know where stuff like this places for me! As usual, I fully expect GB to plop my track down at 13, as well! Seems to be a theme for us.
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01: Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks - Waiting for the End
02: Tami Neilson - You Were Mine
03: Obscura - Emergent Evolution
04: G-Schmitt - Cathedral Junky
05: BB King - The Thrill is Gone
06: Focus - Hocus Pocus
07: LIVE - Lightning Crashes
08: Otis Redding - Dreams to Remember
09: Foals - On the Luna
10: Ricky Van Shelton - Somebody Lied
11: Sadistik - Cotard's Syndrome
12: Pastel Ghost - Clouds
13: Pusha T ft. Kendrick Lamar - Nosetalgia

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Round 3 NOM

Sorry, this song got pulled from Youtube, and is only available on Vimeo. Hopefully doesn't cause any trouble!

Not sure if there is a way to alter the url to not show the video here. m. doesn't work.