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Because even left longer, it's weak. Double bagging it brings it closer to Tetley.
ah right, I never had lipton.. why don't you just get Tetley, it will be easier

I'm Anthony, a Frenchman in France.
Very cold gin. 9/10

Coffee. I'm normally not a fan, but today I'm enjoying it. Also means I'm being super active. I've already finished everythig I was supposed to do at work 3 hours too early. Now I'm just standing here, kind of antsy for something to do.

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
You drink bamboo sand?

It's back to gin for me, my truest friend. While I watch ST: Voyager and procrastinate movie reviews.

Honestly it's going to be a drinking night tonight. Let's all get drunk
Well, I've got several flavors of Gatorade now in which to mix my gin. (I buy the "low sugar" Gatorade, but it's still too sweet - so it has to be cut with ice and alcohol!)

I used to mix my gin with Arizona "Health" Iced Tea, but they stopped making that kind and I switched to their "Stress" tea (not as good with gin).

Of course there's the standard "tonic" (but after so many years it got a bit boring).

I used to drink Tanqueray back in the day I could afford such luxuries (and a great gin it is) - but now I just get the cheap stuff.

Honestly it's going to be a drinking night tonight. Let's all get drunk
Might have to move it to my drunk thread if the spelling goes to ****.