Blade Runner 2049


Well...we're in the age of sequels. I don't know if it's better or worse than way back when in the days when genres like westerns and cop stories just used the same plot over and over with different names. Sadly, new ideas are rare and hard to sell.

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I don't understand why you think that Deckard was a replicant! He was a COP. Why the heck would somebody say he's a replicant? You don't send a replicant to kill off another replicant! Besides, the big blonde blue-eyed replicant would have known if he was one. And he definitely knew he was a human.anyhow, I must be one of the few people who actually read the book; "Blade Runner; or, do androids dream of electric sheep?" That was the real title. And, the book was completely different from the movie. I was really sore about that; they cut out so much important stuff, to make it a twinkling, science fictiony – type – futuristic ROMANCE ! The darn book was definitely not a romance! Please guys, go read the book, it is much more superior to the movie. It's a good thing the author was dead by then probably, because I don't know how he would've taken the movie rewrite. Man, the book was FABULOUS! That guy could really write! (okay, he was a drug addict, so what? A lot of us in the United States are drug addicts we just don't want to admit it.)
I have read the book. I have seen every cut of the fim, read everything there is to know about it, and I have seen it over 200 times. It's my favorite film of all time.

How in the world can you possibly miss the fact that Deckard is a replicant? Also, the film is in no way a romance. I'm sorry, but have you even seen Blade Runner?? my guess is that you might have seen it ages ago, and now have your head filled with silly ideas that just aren't true. I seriously doubt someone who thinks Blade Runner is romance film has ever seen it.

"How can it not know what it is?"

" are talking about memories..."

Glowing Replicant eyes on both characters here...

Deckard has a waking dream about a unicorn, and then later, Gaff leaves this near his doorstep:

How would Gaff know about the dream? Because it's an implanted memory.

Facts from the book are irrelevant here, as scriptwriter Hampton Fancher just used the book as inspiration, then crafting his own story, which David Webb-Peoples then tightened up, even though Webb-People's claimed it was perfect as is, and that he didn't see where he could improve on it. - Source: Future Noir: The making of Blade Runner.

Here is some more info about some script pages that were cut from the film eventually, pages that made it too obvious Deckard was a replicant:

Blade Runner Pages

"The great Tyrrell hadn't designed me, but whoever had, hadn't done so much better. 'You're programmed too,' she told me, and she was right. In my own modest way, I was a combat model. Roy Batty was my late brother." - Deleted Pages

So - I am also not sure why you don't understand why we think Deck is a Replicant. The obvious reason is because that's what the evidence strongly points to, some of which I have presented here. There is definitely more out there - just look around.

What I do not understand, is why you claim Deckard is not a Replicant, when there is so much evidence to the contrary.

I would also like to point out that books and films are diametrically opposed mediums, so one cannot provide the same type of experience that the other does. Comparisons that infer that you can, get chalked up to so much cognitive dissonance as far as I am concerned.

And AGAIN (I already posted about this): The author did indeed see some sections of the film, and then wrote a letter talking about how much he not only liked it, but how he felt it would change the face of cinema. Mr. Dick was right, once again.

I will post it one more time:

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Also, considering the fact that Gyllenhaal and this director have already collaborated on two movies together then chances are he might be back for this one as well. Jake is one of the best actors right now, it'd be pretty damn cool to see him in the "Blade Runner" world.
I thought this, too. I might have to end up watching Blade Runner finally, then.

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I really don't agree with the idea of having a Blade Runner sequel. The facts and the details of the story is what makes it so great and I think if someone would make another sequel which will eventually add up unnecessary plot details, then it would really mess up it's legacy. I agree we're in the age of 'sequels' and 'prequels' but this is just too much.
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Weren't really a fan of Blade Runner so a sequel doesn't really bother me .
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to simply say it this sequel won'twork without vangelis making the soundtrack it will deprived of its spirit mood and feel I don't t like the idea coz we re not in the 80s.

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Some casting news coming across the desk today:

"Generally speaking, it would seem to be a fool's errand to break big film news on a day that several images and plot details from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" have emerged from the Star Wars Convention in Anaheim. But the teaser drop of "The Hateful Eight" is nothing to sneeze at, and now… this just happened.

Ryan Gosling is in negotiations to join Harrison Ford in "Blade Runner 2." Holy heck. Additionally, Denis Villeneuve —whose "Sicario" has just been accepted into Cannes— will direct the sequel, that will take place several decades after the events of the first film. As much as I want to resist the simple fact that this movie will be made, news like this can't help but make me optimistic.

No release date yet. Production begins next summer."

Source: indywire

Bet they offered Jake Gyllenhaal that role and he passed. I'm not convinced the movie's gonna be a failure, though, and if Gyllenhaal did pass, it could have been a mistake. That's if this movie actually gets made.

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Yeah, I don't think Gosling works for a moody, atmospheric movie...

I tend to watch my language on this site as much as I can, but **** this!

Is there even ONE BR fan on this site that thinks this is a good idea? I am thinking no...
At first, with Scott directing, my answer would be "absolutely no". Like some posters already said, the man is way, way, way past his prime.

However, the idea of the combo 'Villeneuve and Deakins' is truly an intriguing one. Both are huge fans of Blade Runner (especially Villeneuve). Both are currently in excellent shape, capable of delivering the goods. Most important of all, Denis Villeneuve still has ambition! Inside, the fire is still burning. And, let's not forget, he feels he gotta prove here something. He knows what's at stake. Villeneuve might actually step out of the project the moment he feels he's not in creative control. He's not a 'yes man', so to speak. Yes, Scott is still the producer and it's probably not easy to go against him, but Scott also produced The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford, and as far as I can tell, that film was entirely Dominik's and no one else's.

Then there's Roger Deakins, does the guy need any more credentials? He's one of the very best DP's out there. That one of my favorite cinematographers should be doing Blade runner 2 is just incredible.

I do worry a bit about Fancher's script being rewritten by Michael Green. Green? Why didn't they ask Peoples?

The music is another problem. Vangelis too is way past his zenith.

All in all, I do want to see it. In the end, what harm can it do to the first film? Scott's Alien is still a masterpiece despite of its sequels, Prometheus included. Also, Blade Runner 2 is set many decades later, it probably won't xerox the first film. From what I've read in older interviews, not even Scott is interested in seeing another Blade Runner copy.


Teaser trailer....

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I know I crapped all over this in the past, but after seeing all of Villenueve's work, you can count me as firmly on board here. I think this guy is primed to give us a worthy follow-up to the best science fiction film of all time.

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I definitely wanted no part of this when Ridley Scott first announced it, and then when they said Harrison Ford had agreed to return I became somehow even less interested (if that was even possible) as they would have to either completely discount or write around the ending of the original. Harrison and Ridley both said the script was amazing, but having seen some of the choices both have made in the past couple decades, that didn't really inspire confidence. And even though I love me some Ryan Gosling, I still wasn't budging after he was brought on board. But when Denis Villeneuve became attached as director, I did a total 180° turn. Villeneuve has very quickly become one of my very favorite filmmakers over the past handful of years, so if he is in, I am in. Way in. And Roger Deakins as D.P.! Come on. Take my money, already.

It may still turn out to be a disaster, but with Villeneuve at the helm and the talent he has assembled, I am eager to see if they pull it off.

I still don't really like that Deckard is back, but at the very least the teaser shows they haven't gone the route of de-aging him digitally, which is already a triumphant decision.

I'm only mildly interested in this movie. I wouldn't be surprised if it tries to outdo the original, instead of complimenting it. That seems to be a the trend in remakes/reboots/sequels/prequels/ etc etc...they all have to do bigger and badder and end up losing the spirit of what made the movie great in the first place. But we'll see when this one hit's the theaters.

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I definitely wanted no part of this when Ridley Scott first announced it, and then when they said Harrison Ford had agreed to return I became somehow even less interested (if that was even possible) as they would have to either completely discount or write around the ending of the original.

I still don't really like that Deckard is back, but at the very least the teaser shows they haven't gone the route of de-aging him digitally, which is already a triumphant decision.
Since Scott has gone on record that Deckard was a replicant, and with both the Director's Cut and The Final Cut supporting this, it's a real head-scratcher seeing Deckard return. I guess I will just have to overlook a fact that I have been arguing in support of for years!