Blade Runner 2049


This just feels all wrong. The Director's Cut of the original was a masterpiece.

It wouldn't be so bad if they were making it with some new blood actors; a "what if" movie rather than a direct follow up.

If they include the original characters then it would have to surpass the original for shear astonishment, and that, I'm afraid won't happen.

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I don't see what all the fuss is about. A sequel won't change the original so what's the problem? Maybe if I'd seen BR it would make more sense but I don't get the "The sequel(s) sucked so now the original sucks too!!!" attitude.
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Spock passes away and now this....

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Yeah, it's stupid, but at least they got a good director to helm it.

Finished here. It's been fun.
Yeah, it's stupid, but at least they got a good director to helm it.
Totally bro. I knew that a sequel/prequel/reboot or whatnot was going to happen eventually , so i'm just happy that we are getting a very solid director to do the job. Plus we can probably expect Deakins to do the cinematography so that's also a plus. Villeneuve is a good director.

Finished here. It's been fun.
Also, considering the fact that Gyllenhall and this director have already collaborated on two movies together then chances are he might be back for this one as well. Jake is one of the best actors right now, it'd be pretty damn cool to see him in the "Blade Runner" world.

I don't understand why you think that Deckard was a replicant! He was a COP. Why the heck would somebody say he's a replicant? You don't send a replicant to kill off another replicant! Besides, the big blonde blue-eyed replicant would have known if he was one. And he definitely knew he was a human.anyhow, I must be one of the few people who actually read the book; "Blade Runner; or, do androids dream of electric sheep?" That was the real title. And, the book was completely different from the movie. I was really sore about that; they cut out so much important stuff, to make it a twinkling, science fictiony – type – futuristic ROMANCE ! The darn book was definitely not a romance! Please guys, go read the book, it is much more superior to the movie. It's a good thing the author was dead by then probably, because I don't know how he would've taken the movie rewrite. Man, the book was FABULOUS! That guy could really write! (okay, he was a drug addict, so what? A lot of us in the United States are drug addicts we just don't want to admit it.)

You want to read good science fiction? He also wrote "the man in the high Castle" (or was it" the man in the high place"? I get confused about those two books.) I am pretty sure that the first title is correct.(I'm too lazy to go look at my bookshelf.) For some reason, I think the sci-fi channel tried to make a 60 min. movie out of that book, I was scared to watch it.I really don't know how good authors put up with the movies that Hollywood makes out of their novels or books. I know that Stephen King remade one or two of his movies, himself, for TV. Especially the one with Jack Nicholson in, that was really terrible! And King did a much better job of it , producing it himself for TV.but, NO, Deckard was not a replicant. I don't have any information that ever said or even hinted, that he was one.
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DECKARD IS NOT A REPLICANT! That is ridiculous!the whole point of that stupid romance was that, a human being and a replicant fell in love with each other. – – Not that two replicants fell in love! You guys miss the whole point. sheesh! Crap, go read the book! At least he followed the book in that respect.I'll tell you one thing about Ridley Scott, he is YESTERDAY's OLD NEWSPAPER right in the TRASH! He has lost his touch! All he is doing is trying to repeat his faded glory, and believe me he has LOST IT. He's proving it by putting forth these dumb stupid bad sequels.

Okay, I think everybody on this website, should get together and write a big fat e-mail or written letter, or whatever it takes, and send it to Ridley Scott, and tell him he's crazy ! tell him, we are the heads of a huge movie fan club, and we will boycott his movie if he makes a dumb SEQUEL AGAIN! I'M SERIOUS ABOUT THE LETTER.!

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Dunno which is more ridiculous, this or Ben Hur 2.
are you kidding, "Ben Hur"? A sequel? That is so BAD, all the Jews in the United States will probably get up in arms, and I don't blame them! Furslurginer idiot! Dumpkoffs!
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Attachment 20198THAT is so disgusting! Is it a remake or a number two? A sequel? What, Lazarus rises from the dead AGAIN? (After all he did get murdered after he was risen.) I think we need a SIGN from the creator, that these ridiculous unholy, and limp wristed sequels are a sign of Satan on earth!, ha ha ha! (ironic)

but there is one thing about this; now the comic book publishers can come out with another issue of "Jesus comics", and make some more money.
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Maybe you guys should just boycott the whole thing lol if it does get made.

As for Prometheus, it gets better on rewatches, I feel. I saw it before Alien and it didn't ruin the latter at all for me. I hated Prometheus the first time I saw it but I thought it was decent after a rewatch, even though I still have no clue what it is about.
I did see Prometheus over, and I liked it a lot LESS the second time, ho ho ho!
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