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What is bad about Facebook


Im on FB and check it throughout the day. Its a cool site that can help you find friends or people you havent spoken to in years. Like a forum for your life.

Then theres the rest of it. The incessant games, and any friend you have that plays one assuredly will be sending you some invite to double their money, crops, blasters, or whatever.

I like Words With Friends, but if I ever find the CEO of Zynga Im gonna punch him in the mouth. I hate a 15-30 second pop-up in between every move! Every move?! That is evil.

And really....are all your friends really THAT happy?! Facebook is a Selfie paradise. Maybe theres a universal subconscious goal to use Facebook as a Diary, and thats why people post every movement all throughout the day, and dont even get me started on Twitter.....

Theres more, but I wanted to leave stuff for everyone else to talk about too

Each time you get a request for a game you're not interested, take a moment to block it. They've made this pretty easy now, actually. It's a little annoying, but if you do it a handful of times you'll end up covering the vast majority of requests and they'll become really rare.

"Default" Facebook, where information just flows in, is awful if you have even a few dozen friends. But if you block some stuff and customize your notifications a little, you can cut that down pretty easily.

I'm a big fan of Facebook when it's used in a particular way (keeping up with friends easily without having to meet up all the time), and pretty much completely uninterested in anything else.

Chappie doesn't like the real world
I'm kind of weird about Facebook. I deleted my account awhile ago. First off, I am a big time compartmentalizer and I don't like my world to be together all willy-nilly. I would cringe when someone would send me something really off-color or political because now I have people I really don't want reading it, reading it.

Then there were the countless remember me? messages. Oh yeah, we were in sixth grade together. I think we were barely friends. How are you? I seem to be in a minority here, but people are in my life in a certain place and time and I like remembering them that way. It's not that I don't miss these people and value them, but being friends on Facebook doesn't really add anything to the friendship we once had. We are different people now, I miss who they were not who they are. In fact, the whole Facebook thing makes me feel uncomfortable because after the initial catching up there is nothing much left to say. I do have long term friends, but Facebook played no part in that. It happened naturally.

Then there are the countless. I'm checking in here. Now I'm here. Look at what I'm eating, yummy yummy.

I just never found anything of value on Facebook. I'm not one of those people who run around slamming people who like it . Tons of people get lots of enjoyment out of it and that's fine. It's just not for me. I much prefer forums where things are much more specific. I have my dog training, art forum and here and I much prefer that.

Besides, when I go meet my friends for lunch and coffee we have stuff to talk about because they don't already know my every move.

I like it, it's good for chatting and sharing the occasional funny pic.
I mostly use it to chat with friends rather than call them, or to organize night outs with the whole even maker thingy. I also use it as a 9gag alternative, since I am following a lot of pages that specialize in sharing memes and joke pictures, or as a news fed, since the pages of things of my interest always put the latest of my favorite games, movies or music on their pages.

Way back a long time ago, you could not change your name, or totally delete the damn thing. Now you have 5 chances to change your name, but suddenly it HAS to be two names, and with more than one letter. Like I can't have a simple Lisa on there, or even my first name with my last name's first initial. What I want now is LEO, but noooooo. Get over it dip sh!ts!
I can now delete my accounts, so I have deleted the one I used for on-line people, and the one that I wish I had used for family and church acquaintances. I had used it/created it to test something for a friend, so I named myself Fay Wray. Damn it! Back before I realized I could change my name on it, and/or delete it to start over, I made up some lame email account for that second facebook.
When I reopen these two accounts, I'll just annoy all the family and church people by starting it over. Then I'll dis that damn email. I never can remember what the hell it is, anyway.

No, I do not mix my everyday life, and my on line life. It's kind of like when the Clampetts moved to Beverly Hills. The two just don't mix.

People who post the most inane and uninteresting **** that they think others are really interested in. They're entitled to post what they want, of course, but I just can't understand why people would want to share every element of their daily lives with others.

Sorry Harmonica.......I got to stay here.
I hate cryptic posts, like, "Why do some people always bring you down?", etc. Do we have to guess? Just say it!
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Then theres that one Facebook friend that wont leave you alone, and lives on Facebook. Their feeds are neverending, and they message you everytime you go on. Makes you afraid to browse or the inundation of messages come in.

AND ANOTHER THING I dont like about Facebook, and I may delete my FB account over this one.......its showing me pictures from the past 2 years of my ex-fiance when I come on now! Remember your Facebook memories my balls. Damn site is twisting the knife in my side.....

^^ ouch thats horrible!

what i dont like is people posting attention they`ll check in at a hospitale and then people have to ask why they`re there or just post something cryptic and when people ask they dont reply.

or obvious poser pictures,those are really annoying.

or people who have totally forgotten that you can still call,text,send a letter or hey,even go visit someone face to face-
I continuasly see people using facebook to humiliate others publicly.. like "this or this person did this and this please share so they can see that theyre doing the wrong" thing ,then maybe not giving out the name but give just enough info so that everybody knows who it is..and they do it for the most petty things,last week it was just someone who had thrown something into someone elses garbage bin.just tell them yourselfs not to do it!
Britney is my favorite

AND ANOTHER THING I dont like about Facebook, and I may delete my FB account over this one.......its showing me pictures from the past 2 years of my ex-fiance when I come on now! Remember your Facebook memories my balls. Damn site is twisting the knife in my side.....
I hate this feature too. Only my problem is that it brings up photos of pets that have since passed away.

Then again I recently had that same problem when a certain MoFo decided to post my photos in a thread.

There's usually a reason I haven't talked to people that I haven't talked to in years.
I have a mailing address, telephone number and an e-mail address. If people want to get in touch with me, there's plenty of ways to do that.
If I want to have a public discussion with a bunch of people, I'd rather do it anonymously on forums such as this one.
In the end, I don't need old high school classmates trying to sell me their pyramid schemes or Farmville crops.

...its showing me pictures from the past 2 years of my ex-fiance when I come on now!
Take those off of your Facebook.

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In the beginning, I said I'd never get it, but it became useful traveling. After an event or night out, I'd always upload pictures so that whatever happened to my camera, the pictures would be safe. A friend of mine from Sweden had his entire US trip screwed because a bartender of all people was dancing at the bar, and a drink spilled and destroyed his phone. Also, it's easier than individually e-mailing everyone stuff, and I don't like to include anyone else' private e-mail.. Also, there are many times you don't get the chance to exchange information, but a name is enough, especially when you're with a group and see there are mutual friends. A few times someone would post "Anyone in Thailand?" so I know it was useful, I'm sure it was because of my little sister getting it I thought "Oh great, a new kiddie fad" and since I got it, she hasn't had it! Also, I can't call people overseas, so it's a nice way to talk, although I love Skype. I also love certain groups, and have been registered with at least three movie sites, as well as other stuff I love.

But it definitely has it's drawbacks. There's a little bit of narcissism of course to a varying degree. I've seen people air out their dirty laundry way too much, especially between married couples, though it doesn't happen much. Sometimes after a night of no sleep and general frustration, I say some stupid things..

What I don't like about it is how the richest guy in America got that way exploiting the country's loneliness and trendiness while data-mining for billions. I can't stand cell-phones either, and I think it's destroying social skills, and the probability of people meeting randomly instead of someone being totally unapproachable staring at a phone. Of course it's free, makes more money that way. Every TV show has a Facebook/Twitter.. Sometimes you have to use those sites to watch streaming things I can't miss.

I notice a lot of people don't hang out together, face to face as much, so if 99% of the public is on the internet, it's either that or be a little more lonely. As one writer said, "Now we can ALL be alone TOGETHER!"

facebook is nice to show off the photos of all the travelling i do throughout india to old and new friends .

Master of My Domain
Facebook basically gives a giant megaphone to people who don't have enough thinking to handle it. That's why I ignore at much as possible, except for once in a while visiting the pages of people satirize silly social media.

I find it a good enough repository to post my in-depth analytical reviews of films I've watched - I do wish there were somewhere more attuned purely to that type of thing but am yet to find it if there is. Besides that I do play a couple of games intermittently (but never spam anyone from them) to pass the time once in a while and it's handy for family announcements and for quick convo's with friends that live abroad as Eircom charge a fortune for overseas calls.

As for what's bad about it - pretty much everything else
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I made this thread 7 years ago and it seems Facebook has declined notably. Is it just me or is anyone else sick of it more as time goes on? I had deleted my account but then made another and already am thinking of deleting it.

I think it's probably peaked, yeah, if not in actual usage in terms of vanguard culture. Whatever that's worth.

I don't think I'd ever delete my account: it's too useful for finding and getting in touch with people and keeping up with distance family members, or friends I can't see in person that often.

That said, I don't really browse it, and I'd barely use it if it weren't so valuable for organizing softball stuff. That's like 90% of my Facebook usage.