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I'm going to call the game Follywood from now on, for brevity. It's Fantasy Hollywood shortened down, if you're wondering.

And the Box Office Results are in and not one of our contenders came out on tops. Congratulations Mr. Washington and Mr. Hawke.

TWTCommish spent $8m dollars on Bandits and $8m dollars on Iron Monkey. Bandits grossed $13m, Iron Monkey grossed $6m so...

TWTCommish has now got $43 million dollars to play with this week.

Remember, Bandits and Iron Monkey's tallies from next week will be counted as long as they are in the top 10 so TWTCommish is well on the way to profit.

Spdrcr spent $4m dollars on Corky Romano which grossed $9m dollars so...

Spdrcr has got $45m dollars to spend this week.

The standings this week are


Anyone else who wants to play has $20m to play with this week.

NEW RULE: You're only allowed to buy one movie a week. It would be unfair if one person has enough money to buy all three without any competition.
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Follywood, I like that.

Val, I would say you are the man when it comes to this game. I had no idea I was the "winner" this last week. This weeks game should be good with what's coming out this weekend.
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This week's stock:

From Hell

MPAA Rating: R (for strong violence/gore, sexuality, language and drug content)
Running Time: 137 minutes
Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Cast: Johnny Depp (Inspector Frederick Abberline), Ian Holm (Sir William Gull), Robbie Coltrane (Peter Godley), Heather Graham (Mary Kelly), Susan Lynch (Liz Stride), Ian Richardson (Sir Charles Warren), Katrin Cartlidge (Dark Annie), Bryon Fear (Robert Best), Ian McNeice (Police Surgeon Drudge), Sophia Myes (Victoria Abberline), Lesley Sharp (Kate Eddowes)
Directors: Albert & Allen Hughes
Premise: Scotland Yard investigator Frederick Abberline investigates the mysterious deaths of prostitutes in the Whitechapel district of London during the Victorian Era of England; a London and time of rampant poverty, disease, crime, and grimy people living grimy lives. It's a dark, dark tale. Anyway, as the murders continue, Abberline's search brings him closer to what may (or may not) be the truth... and it has something to do with... the Royal Family.

The Last Castle

MPAA Rating: R (for language and violence)
Distributor: DreamWorks Pictures
Cast: Robert Redford (General Irwin), James Gandolfini (Colonel Winter), Mark Ruffalo, Clifton Collins, Jr., Delroy Lindo, Robin Wright Penn, Samuel Ball, Steve Burton (Lt. Peretz), Frank Fox (Augie).
Director: Rod Lurie
Premise: A three-star general (Redford) wrongly court-martialed and sentenced to a military maximum security prison rallies the 1,200 inmates to revolt against the corrupt warden (Gandolfini) and his guards...

Riding in Cars with Boys

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for thematic elements, drug and sexual content)
Distributor: Columbia Pictures (Sony)
Cast: Drew Barrymore (Beverly Donofrio), Mika Boorem (young Beverly), Lorraine Bracco, Peter Facinelli, Adam Garcia (Jason), Sara Gilbert, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Brittany Murphy, Vincent Pastore (Uncle Louie), Rosie Perez, James Woods, Steve Zahn, Cody Arens (Jason-6), Logan Arens (Jason-3), Logan Lerman (Jason-8), Marisa Ryan
Director: Penny Marshall
Premise: Starting in the 1960's, spanning a 20-year period from 15 to 35, this is the story of a woman (Barrymore) who had a son (Garcia) as a teenager, got married, got divorced, and eventually pulled herself out of welfare and into college, studying to be a writer. (Murphy plays her best friend, who also had a child as a teenager; Zahn plays Drew's drug-addicted husband; Bracco plays Drew's mom, James Woods plays her father).

My pick of the week: (I'm a big Penny Marshall fan after Big and I thought Barrymore was the best angel so I'm hoping for this one to steal the top spot at the weekend. One query: Lorraine Bracco as Drew's Mom? Bracco is too young to be Drew's mom surely. )

Remember whatever time it says to the left of this post is 24 hours from the deadline. I think it was Sunfrog who got caught out last time.

All the film information I get at The best site for new movies that I've come across.

Uh, I don't understand the rules...I spent $16 million, and my movies brought in $19...shouldn't I have $23 left? Spud spent $4 million, and it made 49, so he should have $25, shouldn't he?

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Well, I think you take whatever you bet on the movie, times whatever it made.

So since I bet 4 on Corky, it took in 9, so I have $45 mil.

This week I think I'll bet 10 mil on From Hell. It being Halloween season it's a reasonable choice.

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TWTCommish, you da man. My mistake. I'm very, very stupid and I feel about three inches tall right now.

ads;fkjdslfkjdsfajsdlfkaj;sdlf = that's me banging my head off the keyboard.


Everyone else who wants to play has to start at $20m dollars.

TWTCommish, is that $11 you're bidding on "From Hell" or $11m dollars? Someone keeps their wallet deep in their pocket.

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So let me get this straight...if someone outbids you do you get to bid on another movie???

If that's the case I'll bid 5 mil on Last Castle

Am i in time to bid?
11.5 From Hell
7 mill Last Castle
1.5 Riding in cars with Boys

$13 million for "From Hell", and $5 million for "Riding in Cars With Boys." I know I can only win one, but I might as well get my finger in a few pies, and hope for the best. I guess that if I happen to "win" two, I have to pick one, and the runner-up for the second gets it?

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DEADLINE 17th October 6pm

As it stands:

"From Hell" - TWTCommish $13m
"Last Castle" - Sunfrog $7m
"Riding in Cars with Boys" - TWTCommish $5m
Sunfrog $1.5m

Okay, regarding duplicates. Bid away for all three, but you only get to keep your bid for the most expensive movie. So as it stands, TWTCommish won't be able to buy "Riding in Cars with Boys" and neither will Sunfrog because they have higher bids for different movies. If the deadline had passed, then nobody would have bought "Riding in Cars with Boys".

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With only minutes left until the deadline

"From Hell" - $17m - TWTCommish
"Last Castle" - $10m - Spdrcr
"Riding..." - $5m - TWTCommish with $1.5m Sunfrog in second spot.

Same three bidders as last week. Are the rules too hard or what? Or are people generally not interested. It would definitely work better with more players. Next week should it be run in the General Forum? There are definitely more posters there.

Up to you Commissioner.

Waaa! I wasn't home!

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"From Hell" $17m - TWTCommish
"Last Castle" $10m - spdrcr
"Riding in Cars with Boys" $1.5m - Sunfrog