How about a game?


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Wow, I like your explanation a lot more than Sun's. Sun you just confused me a paragraph into your little speech there. LOL
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LOL. I like the ideas that you guys are posting here...and It's obvious that you all really dig the idea of an automated, precise version of this. I'll seriously look into this, and I'll probably even start some of the work on it, to see if it's plausible.

In the meantime, have fun with it in this thread.

I don't know what time it is either. If it's open i'll outbid TW for Iron Monkey by 1 ml

It's really funny. It's not like CTHD, it's more like the traditional kung-fu movie, with a hero, comic relief, corrupt officials etc.. The fighting is funny at first but has some cool fights later on. It's a fun, funny, kung-fu movie.

You know Thmi, everyone would love a movie stock market in real life! And that might be a good way to raise money to make movies! Like Ryan could describe his movie, people would buy stock and he'd use the money he raised to make the film. Then the profits would pay the investors or they could sell their shares etc... He'd get a few million to make his movie easy.

Some people tried to make a comic book stock market and I think it exists right now. But they did it wrong and so it's clumsy and not right. (They make you mail in your comics to prove you have them.)

I ain't gettin' in no fryer!
val said that bidding would end at 10 o'clock today, so you're late sun.

Auction closes 10am tomorrow on the Forum's clock.

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So this is how we finished. Sunfrog came in about 3 hours too late.

Bandits - $8m bid by TWTCommish

Corky Romano - $4m bid by spdrcr

Iron Monkey - $8m bid by TWTCommish

Commish has a big advantage with two movies in the bank. You guys should push each other harder. Be more competitive. There was seemingly a lot of interest in this idea but very little of you actually bid, maybe your waiting to see how it works.

The official Box Office Tallies are printed on Tuesday, so I'll post those scores then. Chances are TWTCommish will have a much bigger kitty to bid with than most next week. I'll post next week's films on Wednesday or Thursday. Remember that any players who have never played are free to start next week with a 20m dollar purse.
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